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Update 6/29/2018

Life by Proxy began as a catharsis, and so many of you shared the beginning with me. This story is still in my heart and I have every intention of writing it. The story deserves to be finished, something I have struggled with for some time. With a heavy heart, I've realized it's time to pull LbP until I can devote myself to the story again. It is with all my hope that I can do justice to this tale.

About me:

I started reading fanfiction after seeing Twilight at a friend's house in '09ish. I'm out of the fic closet, and have been since the beginning. I did try quitting once. *snort* That lasted for like a day. ( I really just forgot my Kindle, but tried to play it off as brave.) I have a massive spreadsheet (that I'm STILL UPDATING) to keep track of every story I've read and which ones I would recommend. Then, I add the stories I haven't read yet, and the ones I want to read again/tell others about into my Calibre library. I know I've entertained a few ladies at the meetups with my OCDness.

Meet-ups. Go. For real. I've been to Chicago, Nashville, Philly, Boston, San Diego, Baltimore and Atlanta. My husband thinks I'm a little off, but he knows how much fun I have, so continues to encourage me to travel. I love him. Which is why we're finally getting married in June. Holy crap, I only want to do this once. I soooo understand why second marriages are such small affairs.

Anyway, hit me up on the interwebs:

Facebook - Jennifer McEnelly

Twitter - jenejes

Hit me up for recs on fics, or I have an arsenal of hilarious YouTube clips to send.

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