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Hellooo everyone!!~

Oh man, I have no idea what to say! I'm new here (kinda??)...long story short: I made this account ten million years ago when I was about 14 and only ever used it to read fan fiction. I lost my way and stopped reading fanfics for some strange reason (something to do with entering high school, work, sad, graduation, yada yada yadaa...) My 22 year old self suddenly remembered about this place! I was so happy to come back. Not much has changed. :O

(Also: UniqueArtist? Really, 14 year old me? Who did you think you were? LOL!) I hope I can start writing a little bit. I'm not that great anymore... yeah I find it funny how I was a better writer at 16 than I am now at 22. I used to write a lot back then until I gave up. (IDK where all my old stories on here went??)

update: I'm 25 and i dont update my stories anymore because i'm a disgrace :) I hope you guys find joy in what i've written, but i apologize for the disappointment i bring when you come to find that i haven't been able to write. I just have to take care of life now. Maybe when I'm feeling creative one day, i'll do something here and there. For now, i hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your time reading! Never let anyone ruin your creativity ~

I'm an avid RWBY fan, so 99.99% of my stories are about the show haha...I can't help it!

My favorite character is Nora! (and Yang!) Heheh...I don't know why. I guess because I find myself sort of relating to her... lol.

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