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I figured that since I'm writing again that perhaps I should put down some points of interest for anyone who cares to read them.

FYI I'm a man in my mid thirties and I spend far too much time in front of a computer both for work and recreation. On the upside lately a fair bit of that recreation time has been spent writing.

Status as of (2013/09/29)

Harry Potter and the Darkspawn Horde (20% completed) :

Work In Progress.

Chapter 6 is a WIP and I just ditched the majority of it so I won't be making my 29th self imposed deadline :( Sorry folks. I've been struggling with the chapter and today I've decided that I need to scrap the whole thing (while cherry picking it for the good bits) and start over.

The outline was originally a planned 21 chapters but I've just been doing some adjustment to the outline and I now wouldn't be surprised if it reaches 25 or more chapters. I haven't really changed the events in the outline just realized that in spots I've underestimated the number of chapters required to cover certain events. We'll see how it goes.

Slayer of the Dead :

Abandoned. A large part of the reason this was dropped is that it never really had a direction beyond Buffy plus Zombies. If I was going to continue it I'd want to flesh it out, clean it up, and edit it heavily. I doubt I'll want to do that. I am, however, a dedicated BTVS fan so I can't rule it out entirely.

Shadows :

Abandoned. I first got stuck, then distracted, then lost interest in Smallville all together. I stopped watching the show some where around season five so again it is very unlikely I'd go back and work on this story. I also wrote it so long ago that it feels like I'm reading something written by a stranger.

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