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Yolen Yui
Joined Oct '09

I have taken a break from spamming the internet with poorly written... stuffs that you find in toilets. However I review, occasionaly... sometimes, if I'm logged in.

I do not check my email; I have chronic "anticheckemailtitis". If you want to get in contact with me you can either pm me, or go to DtecnoKira's Our Off Topic Forum Speaking of which; go check out his stories. You can also get ahold of my on my Leven Thumps forum.

I am NekoDoodle and Agatsuma Ritsuka, I sometimes log in under those names, so don't worry; it's just me.

Oh and you can find me on DeviantArt: ItachiEye13. I'm actually better at logging on there... oh I make my own avatar's so, if you like them, walk over there please! :D

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