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I am the authoress formerly known as Rogueslove22. As much as I loved writing the Romy stories, from now on I will be writing from a stronger Christian perspective than before. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories, since my writing style is still pretty much the same. :)


I will be taking a hiatus for some time. I am seriously blocked on the "Love" story in the series and I recently made a life-changing decision that really limits my free time. I am going back to school and am currently about halfway through my second term.


The Expect the Unexpected Series

1. Starts with the story of the same title. This is the one that started it all, lol.

2. Now and Forever: This is the sequel and follows them the first couple of years after their wedding.

3. Count Your Blessings: A Thanksgiving one-shot taking place later that year, where the second story leaves-off.

The Butterfly Effect series

1. Finding A Place To Call Home: Elements of X-Men Origins: Wolverine are mixed into this re-telling of the first X-Men movie.

Independent Titles

1. Imperfection: Songfic to a Skillet tune by the same name.

2. All I Want for Christmas: Christmas is not Rogue's favorite season. Find out why and what a sexy Cajun does about it.

3. A Worthwhile Gamble: A Romy that is very personal to me. It is an A/U that goes into more detail on what I believe.

4. The Things You Find Online: Taking place after the events of 'Cajun Spice', this is a hilarious lesson on what happens when you meddle in Rogue's love-life.

5. And A Child Shall Lead Them: An angsty Romy that follows Rogue and Remy after a misunderstanding causes her to run.

6. Rogue and Gambit: Continuation: We pick-up where TeamJ-Edward2010's story of the same title leaves off.

7. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That: A songfic answering the question why Rogue won't go out with Remy.

8. A Matter of Trust: My last story. When trust is questioned, what will happen?

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