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I've been an avid Harry Potter fanfiction reader since 2008 when my wife got me hooked on them.

Strangely I have never read Harry Potter past the start of book 2 when JKR lost me with the theft of Mr. Weasley's car by Ron & Harry.

I have seen the movies up to Order of the Phoenix but refuse to see movies 6, 7 & 8 after discovering from fanfiction what JKR did with the Harry-Hermione dynamic.

That said I read Harry Potter fanfiction of most types except slash.

My prefered pairings are Harry-Hermione, Harry-Luna and Harry-Hermione-Luna however I enjoy other pairings as well.

I generally avoid Ron-Hermione match ups as this pairing just seems wrong, what does a genius like Hermione see in Ron Weasley. I have however seen this pairing done well on occasion.

I don't write fanfiction, just read it.

Below you will find some of my favourites from this site.


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