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I am a fan of "The Fairly Odd Parents". My OTP on the show is Timmy/Trixie. I'm the founder of deviantART's Timmy x Trixie fan club -under the name commandercharon2- http://.

Fanfic(s) I'm Working On: None.

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St. Louis Blues: 2019 Stanley Cup Champions

Most FOP fans say that Trixie Tang is a stuck-up bitch. If you are one of those fans that say she is a tomboy, then copy and paste this onto your signature. K. C. Ellison

I do NOT support Romantic!Timtie (Timmy x Tootie). I only support Friendly!Timtie. If you only support Friendly!Timtie, copy and paste this onto your profile. K. C. Ellison

Copy-Paste this if you like Timmy/Trixie.

Timmy Turner: Do I ever cross your mind?

Trixie Tang: No.

Timmy: Do you like me?

Trixie: No.

Timmy: Do you want me?

Trixie: No.

Timmy: Would you cry if I left?

Trixie: No.

Timmy: Would you live for me?

Trixie: No.

Timmy: Would you do anything for me?

Trixie: No.

Timmy: Choose: Me, or your life.

Trixie: My life.

(Timmy runs away in pain and shock. Trixie runs after him.)

Trixie: Wait! The reason you never cross my mind...is because you are ALWAYS on my mind; I don't like you...because I LOVE you; I don't want you...because I NEED you; I wouldn't cry if you left...because I would DIE if you left; I wouldn't live for you...because I would DIE for you; I'm not willing to do anything for you...because I'd do EVERYTHING for you; I choose my life...because YOU ARE MY LIFE!
Favourite Lines from The Fairly Oddparents.

Trixie: Timmy! How's my hair?

Timmy: Perfect!(Timmy and Trixie kiss each other on the lips.)--from "Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part."

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