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Hello all the vampire and humans who are obsessed with twilight! I know a total of 3 things:

1- I love Twilight.

2- I think Robert Pattinson is HOT.

3- I know Rob Pattinson is fuck hawt.

4- I'm obsessed with twilight fanfiction and Rob Pattinson. ( Okay that was 4 things, but I never said I coud count in my defense)

Maybe one of these days Ill find the courage and dedication to post my stories...until then, look at my favs, they are really good stories there.

And if you noticed, which you probably didnt, my name is no longer KBelikov. I cried when I changed it...


You see there is this story, and I read it, and I have absolutley no idea what the name is, and I really want to find that story, so if you have read it, please send me a message and give me the name (pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top...please)

Here is a summary(From my memory that is...)- Okay so Edward is like addicted to heroin, and Bella really likes him (and by that, I mean she wants to fuck him), and Edward is afraid that Bella will kiss his sorry ass good-bye if she finds out, and when she does, she obviously does not do that, but she does however, let him still take drugs, and Edward get worst, and she finally tells him to stop, and he does, and a whole lota stuff like that.

Another One- Okay, so Edward is like all nonchalant, and Emmett get Rose pregnant and that brings Bella and Edward together, and he paints her fucking car, without permission because he's like a artist or something, and he has this, like dick-ring and... its a good story.

Stories That You MUST Read:

The Ex Factor: Edward & Bella - By: AngelAtTwilight

Emancipation Proclamation - By: kharizzmatik ( Made into book (Congrats) but the twilight fanfiction is still floating somewhere on the internet, GO FIND IT)

The Workshop, A Tale Of Edile Delights - By: danieller123

Edward Cullen, Dick For Hire - By: FL95

Wide Awake - By: AngstGoddess003

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor - hunterhunting

High Anxiety - EdwardsBloodType

Hit By Destiny - ocdmess

The Red Line - By: WinddSinger

Quiet Storm - By: Sexylexicullen

There Will Be Blood - By: johnnyboy7

Fridays At Noon - troublefollows1017

Master Of The Universe - snowqueenicedragon

Tropic Of Virgo -

To Be Loved - xNimc

Honestly ALL the stories on my favs are BRILLIANT!

Other Stories That Got Booted Out Of Fanfiction, But Are Still Fucking Good:

The Workshop, A Tale Of Edible Delights - danieller123 (Taken down)

Emancipation Proclamation - kharizzmatik (Now a book)

The Training School Saga: TheSpoiltOne and Footrooza (They were shut down by this site, so you can now find them playing on The Writer's Coffee Shop) This story is a BDSM, so if your not into that, dont read. Not my absolute favorite, but not a horrbible story. Sorry, I cant get the link to this story, but if you go on my favorite authors, and find TheSpoiltOne and Footrooza, they will have a link on their profile. Btw, TheSpoiltOne and Footrooza, are one profile, not 2 different accounts.

Clipped Wings And Inked Armor - hunterhunting (Taken Down)

Misaprehension Of Bella Swan - hunterhunting (She took it down)

Just Wait - InstantKarmaGirl (Now a Book)

Wallbanger - feathersmmmm (Now a book)

Dead On My Feet - Cescamarie ( Book)

Under The Apple Tree - (Now being reposted)

The Lost Boys - hwimsey (I dont knwo what happened)

Unexpected - ooohlalaa (Taken down)

And I have probably almost every taken down twilight fanfic out there (okay so maybe not all, but whatever), and if you would like a copy, PM me and I'd be glad to share it... I hope I dont get in trouble for this...

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