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suck my clip, swallow my bullets, and don't you spit

my name's cassi, i'm seventeen, and i'm generally referred to as a metal girl, though i tend to have severe thug phases and my all-time favorite musician is eminem. nothing you can say about him will convince me otherwise, unless maybe you can offer proof he's true blue, texts in sticky caps, and listens to icp every night to help him fall asleep.

i don't know though, i've forgiven him for comparing himself to robin.

my humor is damn near impossible to get used to, though i'm trying to work on facial expressions and/or emoticons to make it a little more clear when i'm joking.

suffice it to say that a lot of times, unless you know me really damn well, the only ways for most people to tell whether or not i'm telling the truth are to check with google to see if i'm quoting lyrics, and if that fails, then to just plain ask me.

if i don't want to talk to you, i probably won't, so there's really no sense being paranoid that i'm devoting my attention to you for any reason other than that i just plain like you.

i like music. generally, the only times i don't like music are when people who irritate me like the music in question way too much, or em tells me not to like it.

that last part was an example of my humor. because, you see, i still listen to mariah carey, the stupid bitch.

her husband, however, can buy himself a career with her money before he talks shit and makes his lady's problems with an (okay, alleged) ex a race issue.

i'm totally a ray of sunshine, i promise.

anyways, i write batman fanfic, and occasionally i may write some harry potter or star wars: knights of the old republic fanfic. my otps are, respectively, joker/harley quinn; bellatrix/ginny; and female!revan/carth.

i will totally role play with you, both these and some other pairings; send me an email at with your contact info and i'll hit you up.

i'm new here. help me out. love me.

request something from me, because i am in constant need of inspiration.

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