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Supahfast Jelleefish
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~:~:~~~When life hand you lemons, you throw them back and yell I WANT JACE OR CABEL!~~~~~~~~

Well what can I say? Huh. My name is Alexi Rane or Lexi Rane, I enjoi spelling things incorrectly and watching people correct them, one of my pleasures of randomness. I like to draw on my hands with pen, only the left one though. My word of food used to be pudding but now it is taco. I act young at points but I can be very mature. I absolutely ADORE reading. I have been through a lot and if I wasted my time to tell you it would probably take up all of my profile and plus you would think I am a freak or something. I have no life, so I am on the computer a lot. Have you blamed someone before? I write stories in notebooks, I have found FanFiction out only not too long ago. I am on World of Warcraft too, that's right I'm a WoW nerd. . People call me dark, but I don't really see it, black is only 85 percent of my wardrobe. I overreact a lot, but hey, everyone has flaws. Don't screw up with me because if you screw up with me once I'm not gonna forgive you ever again.

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