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Oh, where to start...

For years my son had been raving about RASalvatore's Legend of Drizzt books. While home recovering from a serious operation in the summer of 2009 I ravaged the house for reading material, going through The Lord of the Rings trilogy (mine), the Baldur's Gate trilogy (my son's), and finally The Icewind Dale trilogy (also my son's) regarding the early years of the goodly drow. Wow, I lost my heart fast on that last set of books...

I bought a dozen books from the series in one fell swoop and only stopped there because I wasn't sure which Salvatore books were part of the Forgotten Realms/Drizzt series after that. At the time I wrote this profile, I was on Book 11, The Silent Blade. Yep, still in love!

I started hunting around the internet for more info on my favorite drow, and that brought me quickly to fanfiction.net, with a great selection of stories of all kinds, no matter what universe you prefer. ...Aaaaaand of course that led me to create my own alter ego to fit into the Forgotten Realms universe, and then to start my own RPG (Role Playing Game) on my internet board.

UPDATE in October of 2010: I have just finished the 23rd and most recent book in the Drizzt series (Gauntlgrym: Neverwinter, Book 1), and have read all 13 Drizzt short stories, plus all 5 books in The Cleric Quintet, plus Silverfall, a set of novelettes written about the Seven Sisters by Ed Greenwood. Yes, I'm still in love with the series and many of the recurring characters! ...However, since my view of them is somewhat different than RAS's view, and I love plot bunnies that focus on canon characters, I can see I'll be writing fanfics in this universe for quite some years to come. And YAY for that!

UPDATE February of 2012: I have added Ed Greenwood's Elminster to my list of literary loves! Couldn't be happier getting to know this great character! Greenwood adds such dimension and flavor to his characters and their surroundings, and I love this series in particular. A top notch author I will be enjoying for years to come!

UPDATE August of 2015: I have moved from fanfiction to reality; I'm publishing professionally! Congrats to all my writing friends who are coming with me on this journey! We make a great team in our new shared world.

Anyone interested can find me at my board/website or at hot mail. I'm sure you can figure it out.

Oh, and...

Writers live for encouragement, so please, leave me a review! Thanks muchly!

P.S. Very occasionally I will BETA for someone. Or even co-write with them. Interested? Make with the clicky-clicky!

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