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Real Name: Kayla

Nickname: WandaCarla (Don't ask really, it's a confusing story, I'm even confused by it.)


Hiccups: My first fanfic, it's about what happens when Beast Boy does a nasty prank on Raven and ends up giving her the hiccups. It should be humorous but, well I'll's deffinetly a Rae and BB fic though just to warn you. I'm also thinking of putting Star and Rob fluff in but you tell me. Anyway go and RR because it's good, I think...go read it. Oh and by the way it's rated PG-13 because I just want to be on the safe side, hehe. But um, I might put some good snogging action in so, yeah.

Purgatory: My second fanfic and my absolute favorite. Raven gets into a freak accident and ends up dying. At Purgatory she meets St. Patrick, chief of Purgatory. There he explains that he has a deal for her. Since she is half demon and half human they don't know where to put her. So he tells her, she'll have a month to find someone who can love both her sides. The only bad thing is she's a ghost, which makes it a little difficult to find someone to love you.

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