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Name: Jason

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Religion: I figured it out, so it doesn't really matter which religion is real.

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas A. Edison (1847 - 1931)

Getting fired is nature’s way of telling you, you’re doing the wrong job. Hal Lanchester

In regards to problems beyond your control, do not worry, because your worry will do nothing. ~ Jason

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), (attributed)

Because I don’t have a reason not to do something, isn’t that in itself a reason to do it? ~Jason

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)

WRITING IS HARD! Planning the story, the dialogue, the events, and descriptions are fairly easy to do, but maintaining an extended meaningful dialogue, contemplating the positions of all the different characters and their reactions to different events, and just the plain task of hitting the keys is what's hard.

Story Ideas: "I haven't looked at these for over six years... 11/28/17"

Do we have a virus problem, Fanfiction? 10/22/18

1.) Demolition Man Metal Gear Solid: Instead of unfreezing John Spartan, they unfreeze Solid Snake, who has frozen himself in wait of a cure for his Werner's Syndrome.

2.) History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Return of Condor Heroes: After living well over a hundred years, Yang Guo and Xiao Long Niu pass away peacefully in their hermit's retreat; however in the underworld awaiting reincarnation, Yang Guo refuses to drink the soup of forgetfulness and lose all his memories of his true love, Long'er. Even as a wisp, a literal spirit of who he was, Yang Guo's natural deviousness shines through and he fools the underworld denizens into believing he had truly forgotten who he was, thus returning to the world with not only the purpose of reuniting with his soul mate, but with the knowledge of all the skills he acquired over a hundred years.

Yang Guo's Skills

The 'Divine Flicking Finger' from the Eastern Heretic, Huang Laoshi

The 'Toad Stance' and 'Reversing Blood Flow' from his godfather, Western Poison Ouyangfengt

the 'Dog Beating Stick' from the Northern Begger, Hong Qigong

The 'Solitary Yang Finger' from the Southern Emperor, Emperor Duan or as he was later known, the Southern Monk, Reverend Yideng (In this story, Yang Guo learns this when he's around fifty and Xiao Long Niu once again needed treatment and Reverend Yideng was already too old to effectively use the technique).

The unparalleled 'Nine Yin Manual' of the Central Divinity, Wang Chongyang, left written in the ancient tomb

Both the Ancient Tomb and Quan Zhen Sects martial arts learned by him and Xiao Long Niu in their early years

The improvised sword skills of Dugu Qiubai, Yang Guo was able to gleam from his training with the Divine Eagle after he lost his arm.

And finally the 'An Ran Hun Xiao Zhang' that Yang Guo developed himself from all the knowledge of martial arts he learned before.

Reborn in (the town where Ryouzanpaku is), Japan, Yang Guo basks in the childhood he never had in his previous life, while at the same time retraining himself doubly hard in the critical period of his youth. Having already lived a lifetime, Yang Guo is able to grasp the simple mathematical concepts of elementary and middle school with total ease, while learning Japanese at the accelerated rate all babies and toddlers do. Thus, by the time Yang Guo is ten-years old, he is already ready to enter high school; however, it was impossible for one, who was once known as the chivalrous Divine Eagle Hero, to let the past alone. Although a great shock to his normal parents, Yang Guo takes a trip back to China on his own to reinforce his own training (which he needs to put extra effort into, since he doesn't have access to the Chilled Jade bed in this lifetime.) and at the same time dredge the past. Having learned of the terrible history that has befallen his native country since the fall of the Ming Dynasty and the rise of the Manchurian Qing Dynasty and subsequent rise of the CCP, Yang Guo can't help but dredge the past both to affirm the events of the past and to return the fallen culture to the future.

From there on I'm not sure what to do.

One facet of the story is romance, which I'm not sure how to approach it. Do I take the "Harvest Moon" route and simply assign one of the female characters from HSDK as Xiao Long Niu's incarnation? Do parallel Jing Yong's original storyline and have a Yang Guo in an "almost harem," where he only has eyes for Xiao Long Niu, but is surrounded by women?

Another theme I want to use is returning the lost Wuxia motif to a modern world. Even though the skills the characters in HSDK are clearly reminiscent of superhuman powers martial artists in Jing Yong's stories possessed, the history of Wuxia is lost and most people are unable to understand "Superhuman" people like Hayato Furinji. I want to have Yang Guo's second life to be about restoring that culture that was lost and "dredging the past."

Or turn it into a big oneshot with nothing but fight scenes.

3.) Oblivion the Elder Scrolls Harry Potter: This story would be a mammoth, taking a year to write. One of the things I hated about Harry Potter was how final Rowling made that pissant, Voldemort, seem to be. She made it seem like it would be the end of the world if Voldemort returned to power, but the truth even in her canon was that there were multitudes of factions that simply didn't come into play. The goblins, the centaurs, the elves, the other magical communities, the normal human communities, and a list I'll vastly add onto, should all be thrust together so that even if they're not directly involved their presence will exert a pressure on the actions the of protagonist and antagonists alike.


The first scene would be of Lily and James' love making, where a misfire leaves Harry Potter forever a white stain on the carpet of the bedroom in Godric's Hollow. I hate the domestic crappy Harry Potter Rowling created, so I want to assert that this story's protagonist is not even genetically the same as Harry.

I intend to follow the wrong BWL/Twin motif that's so popular.

Gerrard Barrinalo Potter (Lily chose this name based on the stories an old man named Karn told her when she first attended Hogwarts.), the protagonist hero, born under a Daedric birth-sign only possible that day on July, 31st, is given a Daedric blessing. However, a Daedric blessing is little different from a Daedric curse. Gerrard is a living "Prime Morpholith," potentially able to break through the dimensional barriers and cross into the plane of Oblivion (The "Prime Morpholith" is from Midas Magic Mod, a storyline I hold as central to this story as the original Elder Scrolls story. Also the concept is similar to a planeswalker I think.) While his magical potential is phenomenal, neglect following the BWL prophecy causes Lily and James Sr. and induced timidity forces Gerrard to suppress his gifts. The nail entered the coffin when during a magical rheometer test, James Jr. tampers with Gerrard's test to ensure the magical prowess he has seen in his brother does not become known and reduce his attention, thus leaving everyone to believe Gerrard is a squib. Dumbledore, seeing a potential parallel Gerrard and Arianna, persuades Lily to put Gerrard with Petunia, who he believes will sympathize with Gerrard, being a non-magical sibling. Petunia does indeed protect Gerrard to a degree; however this left Vernon with no where to vent his naturally abusive nature and culminated to a shotgun blast Gerrard's chest one night in the basement. Yet, death is not accepted so easily by one marked by Daedra. From the scamps to the dremora, fallen Daedra are simply reborn. Unfortunately for Gerrard, they're reborn on the plane of Oblivion. From there on his great adventure begins...

(I actually intend for him to be gone a couple decades following his mentor, the Champion of Cyrodil, Archmage Arkland to create an extensive background for him. After a tragedy he goes to Hermaeus Mora to seek the knowledge to undo a death beyond death, but Hermaeus' own sense of humor returns him to his old body just after he was hit with Vernon's shotgun in order to give him the "time" he needs to undo what has been done.)

Voldemort's death wasn't caused by a sacrifice by Lily, but Avada Kedavra's magical command to die was overwritten by Gerrard's Morpholithic nature. The large amount of magic from the curse caused Gerrard to open a small portal in his chest straight into the column fire of a sigil stone and release it directly towards Voldemort. (Anyone whose played Oblivion knows that column fire does 50,000 pts of damage.)

James Jr. Harrison Potter, the selfish hero, who sees believes he is a born hero and only acts heroically for heroism's sake. He truly believes that he has saved the world before and will again, thus as a hero is entitled to his privileges, arrogance, and pride. A stark contrast from all the other BWL twin stories I've read is that James is actually talented and capable enough to potentially defeat Voldemort. However, I intend to reduce the importance of Voldemort into nil, as encroaching necromancer factions (from Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul), imperialistic Daedric princes, and the more commanding magical mythos that was overlooked by Rowling all come together to create anarchy.

4.) Naruto BOF3: Ryu is (I'm thinking of it as a last ditch effort by the Goddess Myria during the final battle.) thrown through a visible rupture through space and time into Naruto's world, where he's de-aged back into a child and although in a different plane, cast backwards two decades through time. Thus it will be twenty years before Momo is able to begin figuring out how to get Ryu back. He appears during the aftermath of Kyuubi's attack and is brought alongside a FemNaruto (who everyone still thinks is a boy due to the assessments of medic-nin during Kushina's pregnancy) to the Hokage, who while helping the village regain its bearings places hastily puts her with the orphanage's matriarch. The matriarch is completely hateful of the Jinchuuriki and even moreso in the blight of the attack; hence she concocts a plan to kill it. She takes a similar looking blonde baby from the currently unguarded maternity ward and claims he's Uzumaki Naruto to appease the "senile" Third Hokage, while planning to entomb the real FemNaruto in a room alone to die (she's afraid to physically kill it because of both the risk of the seal unraveling so quickly after the sealing and the evidence it would leave behind.). However the de-aged Ryu spots her and in his weakened child like state is thrust into the entombed room alongside FemNaruto.

In the village, the fake Naruto grows up in similar circumstances, except there is a conspiracy amongst the civilians and Anbu, who know what the matriarch has done. Therefore there are a group of conspirators, who are nice to fake Naruto as the scapegoat for getting rid of the Jinchuuriki, a group of people who are genuinely nice, and a group of assholes. In actuality the fake Naruto is the son of of villages the famous entertainers Shigeki Odagiri and Himeko Asai, two average civilians, whose genes amounts lead fake Naruto to have weak chakra control and the same upbeat, non-stop pranking behavior from the original series.

In the tomb, Ryu surveys his surroundings. It seems he's on the topmost the level of the orphanage, imprisoned in a stone warehouse like room. There's dusty wood planks, old rags, and a couple crumbling mattresses about. Calling on his dragonic heritage, Ryu quickly breaks a moderately small hole in the wall leading to the outside of the orphanage, but is afraid to make an escape in fear of villages he's deemed all psychotic and his own weakened state. Furthermore, Ryu, the ever moral hero, refused to leave behind the tiny FemNaruto die. Thus he would have to make due in this banal prison until he deemed himself strong enough to escape with his new ward. The tiny hole allows him to reach a lake or pond of fish with his makeshift fishing pole at night, the burn spell allows him to cook, a combination of frost spells and powerful wind spells allows him to expel waste far away from his jail home. And in spite of the dark and terrible nature of the environment, FemNaruto is raised by Ryu, learning fundamental reading, writing, math, magic (with a propensity for wind spells), and other "skills." She would develop exceedingly exceptional sneaking skills as she would practice sneaking behind Ryu in what could barely be called a room and a half, shadowing him before jumping on his back, happily shouting "Niii San!"

It would be 5 years later before Ryu decides he was strong enough to transform into his dragon form for an extended period of time and escape Konoha with impunity. And it would be only 6 months later that the fake Naruto conspiracy is discovered and the matriarch imprisoned, leading the world to believe that Uzumaki Naruto was dead. Another 2 months before Ryu would run into Kumo-nin holding a young Hyuuga Hinata captive... and we'll figure it out from there.

5.) Doctor Who Fallout 2: In the tanker, just before the the Chosen One, Reya (or really whatever female name you want to choose) finds a balding man calling himself the Doctor (The ninth) and he, like what the Doctor does best, sticks his nose into her business.

All her stats are maxed out at 10 and her skills at 300 because of the fallout editor = Interesting alternative solutions to adventures that the Doctor should have went on with Rose whatever storyline the Tardis wants to take them to. The Tardis and the Doctor can pretty much show up anywhere.

6.) HP, Albus Dumbledore Time Travel: Take a scenario like S'TarKan's "Nightmare of the Futures Past," where a devastating war with countless casualties has occurred. Harry prepares to travel back in time to fix everything, but a living Albus Dumbledore objects and attempts to halt Harry's plan, a temporal experiment that could potentially unravel the spacial fabric of all of time. Dumbledore, using his magic to undo Harry's creations, unwittingly activates Harry's device and has his mind, magic and soul sent back into the body of a ten-year old Harry Potter. Lulz ensues as Humbledore is forced to converse with his scheming past self and redo the war. It'll be interesting to force Dumbledore to experience the golden rule first-hand.

7.) Jacky Chan Adventures One Shot: In the episode where they completely fucked up the story of the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, "Uncle" puts the rat talisman in a statue of his former master Tang Xuanzhang and emphasizes every single American fallacy that has fallen upon the former self-proclaimed Qi Tian Dai Sheng, Mei Hou Wong, Sun Wukong.

8.) Ranma Legend of Legaia = Kannami Christian (AKA John Morgan Himmler Christian) is charismatic pretty-boy new to the land of the rising sun. But beneath that shiny grin is a greedy viper bred in the land of superheroes and supervillains (ie Marvel or DC. I haven't decided.). Armed with the dangerous ability to change his appearance into whoever he pleases and an even more treacherous tongue, Kannami engineers Ranma's demise to steal everything Nerima has to offer in material and mind. After a mere two months into his stay, he heightens tensions between Ranma and the Nerima community worst than ever, worms his way into the hearts of Cologne, Ukyo, Akane, Kodachi, and Shampoo, and frames Ranma for the rape and murder of Nabiki's two assistants. With half of Nerima out for his blood and only Genma (whose already bad relationship with Ranma belying a deeper father and son relationship, keeping Kannami from bothering to manipulate with.) to protect him, Ranma ends up in a remote chasm, more trapped than he is safe. The result is a terrible struggle, where in a match to prove his innocence, Mousse blinds him with a noxious powder, Akane, Ryoga, Shampoo, Cologne, Kuno, and Kodachi deal vicious wounds to his body, and he ends up falling into the chasm directly into a leyline connected to Legaia.

1.) Nabiki would normally be able to see past a deception, like Kannami's, but the loss of her close friends momentarily clouds her judgment and sends her on a vendetta. She uses her resources to find where Genma has hidden Ranma.
2.) Although still lazy and greedy, Genma knows from the bottom of his heart the kind of person he has raised his son to be. After ten years of pounding the tenants of a noble martial artists into Ranma, he knows that no matter the evidence, his son would never commit such a grotesque and dishonorable act.
3.) Kannami's goal is take all the martial arts techniques, training methods, and magic of Nerima back to America and become a super villain with more super powers than just shapeshifting. He's also happy to literally screw all the women of Nerima out of their futures as well. (His flaw is going to be the lack of true dedication and constant search for "instant powerups," like how superhero comics are normally done.)
4.) Ranma's going to be blind for the most part, until he meets Doctor Usha and has his Ra-Seru egg hatch. At which time, he'll slowly regain his sight, color by color, from red to violet.
5.) Vahn chose to stay with Mei; thus Noa is wandering the continent with baby Cort, whom she's raising as her little brother.
6.) Ukyo didn't participate in the attack on Ranma, as she had reservations about Kannami's suggestions and her own belief in Ranma, but did not help him when he came to her either.
7.) The purpose of Ranma's trip to Legaia will be, in addition to maintaining the romantic comedy aspect with Noa (I guess it'll be Noa, Ukyo, Nabiki, and some others by the time he gets back.), will to be to get a powerup to properly fight the supervillains and "superheroes" when he returns.
8.) His powerups will consist of learning Hyper Arts, Biron Arts, a brash fire Ra-Seru that has the opposite personality of Meta, and a traumatic trip through seru-kai to help him gain every spell.
9.) Seru-Kai is never fully explored, so I can liberally add an Ura-Seru-Kai, an reverse side to seru-kai filled with maddened seru from the days of the mist, where unfortunately the only path back to Earth lies. (Discovered by Doctor Usha.)
10.) His return will consist of a quest to punish Kannami and regain his good name and thus a quest into dealing with the DC (or maybe Marvel) superheroes.
11.) Noa, Vahn, or Gala will make an appearance most likely. Cort will partially regain his memories and abilities and play a larger role near the second half of this story.
12.) Nabiki will regain her senses over the months and try to uncover Kannami's machinations. =scene where Nabiki gets reckless/careless and enters Kannami's company building (he a rich bastard from conning people) to get answers and almost gets rape before being saved in a "knight-in-shining-armor" fashion by Ranma (Still partially blind and has been hiding in the building for weeks trying to locate the bastard).
13.) Kannami will have tricked Cologne into accepting his "genius" and takes him back to Joketsuzoku, where he quickly steals his way into the artifacts chamber deep underground and nearly successfully rapes Shampoo. He does indeed gain a large power boost through the Amazon artifacts and spells, as well as an inkling into the Arts, but his preconceived notion of quick and fast superpowers will be his undoing. (He also uses technology to boost his strength and speed to make up for his lack of understanding into ki).
14.) Nabiki finds Kannami first, having the superior information network,while Shampoo and Cologne lag behind. (Refer to 12)

9.) Screw it.

10.) Berserk Time Travel: There are so many different routes the story could take if Gatts had knowledge of the future, but I expect his natural brashness and temper will still take the story into interesting directions. I usually imagine the key event to change is when Gatts and the Band of the Hawk have all been made nobles and he decides to leave without telling anyone. If he had at least said goodbye, I believe that the festival would have come much later at the very least. And if Gatts had knowledge of the future then he could prepare, finding a way to slay God. However, I don't really want to start this without seeing what happens in Puk's homeland.

11.) Berserk Toy Story: Sometime in the early 20th century a child made wish that all toys were alive. In the early 90s, somebody makes super replica toys (Down to the sharp slab of iron that's Gatt's sword.) of Gatts, Caska, Griffith, and the rest of the characters and they're scattered in around Andy's town. Enjoy their antics as the interact with normal toys, stereotypical American toys, other Anime toys, grapple with their identity, fight back their mental demons, clash with middle American suburban culture, and much more!

12.)Kate & Leopold Amnesia: The Dark Descent: I don't know how I would ever go about this, but when I saw Leopold running around the city I just thought, "I have to get this guy stuck in Alexander's castle somehow."

13.)Magic the Gathering ????: Urza created many homunculus construct that resembled children, sent out into many different realms in search of additional power to stop the oncoming Phyrexian invasion.

Notable Story Archetypes to Follow

Suikoden, Jin Yong's stories,

Any story that has "the gang" in the summary has already failed.

Philosopher's Stone- 76,944 words
Chamber of Secrets - 85,141 words
Prisoner of Azkaban - 107,253 words
Goblet of Fire - 190,637 words
Order of the Phoenix - 257,045 words
Half-Blood Prince - 168,923 words
Deathly Hallows - 204,796 words

If JK Rowling was able to articulate so much into each of her stories with relatively so little words, I know that there's something wrong with my writing, since I'm not taking away nearly as much information from each paragraph I re-read in my own story. I'm definitely reworking stuff before I put it out there again.

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