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Bio Fav: Stories
Joined Oct '09, USA

name: Lindsay

nickname: Yubel, Yub, Linds, Pika-girl('cause I'ma pikachu) Yubel-chan, Yu-yu, and Yu-chan

hometown: Twinleaf town (after all, I am from sinnoh)

age: 20

hobbies: Drawing, writing parodies, reading, going online, and so much more.

interests: Pokemon, Keroro, Oran High School Host Club, The Othersiders, Twilight, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Spy vs. Spy, music, GHI, Jeff Dunham, Black Butler, FullMetal Alchemist, and many others that I'm too lazy to write about.

favorite people over the internet: BMNC, Gaia798, xxNINTENDORKxx, Shinjilover, Gash-chan, and many more

Oc's: Carmen, Kaeco, Bart, Lisa, Lauren, Mimi, Polly, Cole, Patty, Donna, Tanyia, Harry, Renee, Terresa, Jakey, Junior, J.J., Kaylene, Ashton, Fubiki, Panini, Hibiki, Tamimi, Nazozo, Lotata, Viroro, Eddy, Jade, Kane, Sunny, Marina, Neos, Yubel, Dialga, Palkia, Avian, Cameron, Ryo, Natalie, Tracey, Isaac, April, Jackie, Danny, Alex, Antonia, Allen, Zina, and many others that I'm gonna be lazy and not write about.

Favorite cartoon characters: Zane, N, Paul, Saturn, Barry, Chili, Cheren, Edward, Double D, Philly Phil, White Spy (my current fave) and many other characters I love.

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