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Rules: Please adhere to the important section of the rules, if you don't i will reject your submission. I will give you another chance if I feel like there is potential in your app. Also, i know this seems long, but this is my first story on here and I want to make sure it's perfect. Thank you and happy submitting!

Update: Hey guys, first I'd like to thank the people who have submitted and have shown interest in this story. Second, so far I have been mostly given characters that are nice and sweet and only boys. These guys are fine but I need more girls and characters less, well, friendly. So for right now I'm more interested in receiving girls or characters who are more likely to cause drama. Thank you for your time!

Update, 10/19/17: Alright guys, I have 4 girl and 2 guys spots available. Just a bit more and we can start!

10/20/17: Cast List


1.Brandon Roy

2.Calaran Lanter

3.Jayden Knight

4.Oliver Williams

5.Richard King

6.Rance Rivére

7.Steven Piers

8.Bradley Prescott


1.Audrey Signh

2.Auzzelia Rosales

3.Kat Dublin

4.Mercedes Black

5.Mika Akumu

6.Erica Lockhart

7.Jolene Moore

8.Stacy Green

Important section

1.Originality:I want characters i haven't seen before, if possible try to step out of your comfort zone and make something unique and interesting. Have fun with this!

2. That being said, no characters that have been in multiple stories, I'm sorry but if everyone already knows what your character is like then there's nothing interesting about them. So new characters or at least some that haven been in more then one story.

3.The usual no overpowered or flawless characters, everybody has good and bad traits, and please try not to make their flaws seem endearing or cute.

4.Please don't get angry or upset if your character is eliminated or rejected, I promise it's not personal, I'm just trying to tell a good story.

5. If you feel like there's a problem or that i'm not doing your character justice, come to me first. PM me and let me know, that way we can come to a solution that will help us both.

6. In the personality section please write at least two paragraphs, more if possible, and at least a paragraph in background.

Not/Semi Important:This are optional, stuff i would like to see, but won't make me reject you if it's not included.

1.Diversity:Not every character has to be a thin straight white person, of course there's nothing wrong with that, but it's always nice to people of different races, body types and sexuality. If you do decide to go this route please refrain from offensive and hurtful stereotypes, I said diversity, not bigotry.

2.This is going to sound nitpicky, I know, but please have the weight make sense with their height and body type. A girl who's like 5'10 and not even 100 pounds is underweight not fit and slim, just like a boy at 6 feet with a developing six pack is going to weigh a bit more then 110 pounds.

3.Just to make sure you thoroughly read the rules please state your favorite and least favorite TD character at the top of the app. This is actually important.


Name:(First and Last)


Gender:(Are they male, female or nonbinary?)

Sexuality:(Gay, straight, bi, ace, pan?)

Label:(What stereotype would they be given based off of personality?)

Apperance:(Such as height, body type, hair color and style, eye color and skin color.)

Normal Outfit: (What do they wear everyday?)

Sleep Outfit: (What type of pajamas do they have?)

Swim Outfit: (What do they swim in?)

Formal Outfit: (What do they wear to a fancy party?)

Personality: (The most important part and please be through.)

Background: (The second most important.)

Strengths and Positive Traits: (Three to Six.)

Weaknesses and Negative Traits:(Three to Six. Make sure these two are even. Make sure they have at least one big character flaw.)

Romance:(Do they want a relationship?)

If, yes: (What type of person do they like or singular traits do they find attractive.)

Interactions with?:







Who They're Dating:

Audition Tape:

Anything else: (Anything you'd like to add that I forgot?)

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