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UPDATE (11/2023):

I deleted all of my stories here on FFN. You can still find all of them and more on AO3.

Reason: I want the ability to delete reviews, especially if they contain spam, death threats and worse. FFN refuses to give authors this option, so I'm out for the time being.

UPDATE (06/2022):

So, I stopped posting my stories here. Several reasons but lack of engagement is one of them. This is not me guilt tripping but just a simple observation. I don't think I write the kind of stories the FFN reader base is interested in, so I don't want to go through the hustle to crosspost my stuff here.

FFN will remain dear to me though. For the simple reason that it was my introduction to fanfiction and I got to read so many amazing stories. I'll definitely come back often to reread my favs (I still hope they'll get cross-posted to AO3 though).

You can find me on AO3 (AC_Nelli) and Tumblr (acnelli).

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