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I am a Christian. That means many things.

One, I believe that there is, always will be, and always has been God. Not a God, as in more than one god or more than one way to see the God that exists. Nope. There is one God, and He is the God of the Bible. All other gods or interpretations of God are false.

Two, men are all evil. Yes, that includes (to a very accurate degree) me. All mankind is evil, but since we are made in God’s image, we also have good inside us. But where it really counts, we’re evil.

Three, all mankind is going to Hell. And all womankind too. The evil innate in us, which we make into actions and thoughts called sin, has doomed us from the start to Hell. If you don’t believe in a Hell, wait until you get there. It will seem very real then. And despite whatever foolish belief men might have that the place isn’t all that bad will be drowned out the very first minute of their residence in that place of torment.

Four, people do not need to go to Hell. I believe in the God of the Bible, remember? The Bible tells me that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son by birth to die for the whole world. Including even the worst murderers, thieves, perverts, and scum of society. So yes, me too. And not only did His Son’s sacrifice save me from going to Hell, but it also lets me go to Heaven. There is a Heaven, and it’s far above our imaginings. But not everyone goes there (see number three). Only if you ask God to forgive you of your sins, those evil actions and thoughts you have done or had, will you go to Heaven. This is only made possible by His Son, Jesus. He was tortured, killed, and shamed (the Son of the God of all the universe) so that you can go to Heaven if only you say you’re sorry for the bad things you have done. I repented of my sins, and now I am no longer just innately evil. I am good innately too. The two innate natures do struggle, but the innately evil one will die one day. The innately good one never will.

Five, I am on my way to Heaven and I want you to come with me. If I let you believe that there is more than one way to Heaven, I will let you go to Hell. If let you think you’re okay, I will let you go to Hell. If I say nothing, I will let you go to Hell. And so I am saying something here. You can ridicule me, blast me, shun me; do whatever you like. But I still want you to go to Heaven with me, so I will keep this on my profile along with the invitation to ask or interrogate me about what I know to be true.

Six, my stories will be affected because I am a Christian. Does that mean that I will put this all in all of my stories? No, I probably won’t. That’s what it’s here on my profile for. But I will have underlying Christian principles in my stories. Meaning? No homosexuality, or sex of any kind really. If the fandom has underlining elements of these things, I will deemphasize, show them as foolish, or write them out. See number five as to why I have these principles. Feel free to criticize as it will serve to strengthen my principles or change them for the better. Especially if you think I am being hypocritical. Sometimes the innately evil part of me blind sides my newer and completely-not-my-own-work innately good nature. If you’ve read this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

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