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I like to read because after finishing a show, manga,or anime I get happy and sad but with these fan fics it's like it never ended. I hope i can make my own but who knows when. Oh i use my touchpad phone to read and write so i may accidentally use text lingo by accident. Sometimes i like to go read some stories that have some spelling errors and PM or leave a review showing the story corrected.

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Fan Fics One Day I Will FInish Writing

Edd, Ed n Eddy

A story that I been working on since the June of Senior year of High school. It wont be released until I have the entire story complete so it can be read and reviewed. There are 20 chapters in total and 5 chapters have been done. their will be spin-offs or continuation stories of this for sure. Possible 4 to 10 stories in all each with 20 chapters. Warning: This will contain a lot of references to other shows that connected with EEnE or parody of something. But still it will be a good read...hopefully. (Edit: 10/7/2019 - I come back to find this and I'm quite sad that I lost about 7 chapters of this. I hope to find my notebook that had everything planned out.)

Fan Fics That Wont Be In Work

Now we all have that one story that is embarrassing or we don't like the plot much but I have one that's actually meant for Disgaea and it wont be out maybe until I think of some changes for the plot. (Edit: 10/7/2019 - Sad I forgot what idea I had.)

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