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Name: Daniel Bridges

Birthday: May 20th 1987 (05/20/87)

Age: 32

Likes: Video Games, PS3, Fan Fiction...ECT

Important Note:

If you look at my OCs and wish to use one or heck, even both, in your story or stories, PM me and let me know please. :)

OC 1 Bio (Narutoverse; OC, Multiversal):


Current: Arashi Uzukaze

Former: Arashiki Ōtsutsuki


1. Guardian of Life and Light

2. Elemental Demon Sage

3. The Playboy Extraordinaire

4. The Immortal Demon


Physical Age: 20s

Chronological Age: Unknown




6 Ft 6 In / 1.98 M / 198 Cm

Height Comparison:

https :// www. mrinitialman .com/OddsEnds/Sizes/sizes.html?base_ft=6&base_in=6&comp_ft=0&comp_in=0


320 Lbs / 145 Kg




https :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Arashi-s-Eyes-Normal-733600194

Glowing Sapphire Irises.


https :// zetsuai89. deviantart .com/art/Vergil-Devil-May-Cry-148563918

Silver Windswept Spiky, Medium-Short Length. Is soft and fur like.


https :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Arashi-Uzukaze-Hollywood-Style-476021155

Arashi is a tall humanoid male with bronze-like tan complexion and a well defined muscular, lean body build. However, his muscles are also very dense, more than human muscles. This results in him weighting more than a human of similar height and build. In addition, the density in combination of the lean muscle mass gives his muscles the feeling of being made of solid hard material such as steel or stone, allowing him to pretty much shrug off almost all forms of projectiles and explosions. His bones are also dense, thus increasing his weight a bit more. They are more than dense enough that they are pretty much unbreakable.


Chris Hemsworth

Accent: Standard American

Clothes Style:

(The crotch and legs are loose fit to allow for more comfortable movement)

https :// vergildvs. deviantart .com/art/DMC-Vergil-Black-Cape-Coat-186005465


A nice guy all round personality with several quirks to make others smile, such as being childish and immature. He loves to tease and joke with other people, but loves to especially tease females. Arashi also has quite a playboy streak in that he'll flirt with any female he finds attractive, both in looks and personality. He's not too picky on the personality front as he likes various personalities, from kind and bubbly to aggressive tsunderes, tomboys, ect. As for looks, as long as the female is attractive, mainly athletic, supermodel, ect, it doesn't even matter their race or species.

Threaten those he cares for or threaten anyone he deems protected and his personality shifts into something so calm and deadly, it'll make even the most hardened or scary evils shake in fright.

Fighting Style:

Arashi prefers to stay out of combat or avoid combat all together if he is able to as he wants others to fight their own battles. However he will not hesitate to join in a battle if he feels that he is needed or that the lives of others are on the line and can not be saved by someone else. Also, Arashi will try to avoid killing so long as he knows who he's against isn't irredeemable. Given that he can sense the light within others, it makes it easy for him to know who to kill and who not to kill.

In combat, Arashi tends to stick to using Hand to Hand using his vast knowledge and mastery of all fighting styles ever created as well as using his physical and bloodline abilities, to avoid, misdirect or mislead his opponent's attacks, all the while taunting his opponent, this is to make his opponent sloppy due to frustration and anger. Arashi is also an expert in Single and Dual Sword combat.

He tends to mainly use his Katana; Yamato, when dealing with most armed combat situations or when dealing with large numbers of beings, mainly using a combination of the Dark Slayer and Hiten-Mitsurugi styles in tandem with his physical and bloodline abilities though he will still go for non-lethal attacks. But he use his Dual Dragon Blades as well, just not as often.

Arashi has his own personal pocket dimension of which he named it 'The Vault'. He can store or pull out anything he wishes from inside The Vault, from small things to large, including buildings and vehicles! All he needs to do is just place a hand on what he wants to store. Anything stored within The Vault is kept in a state of stasis or suspended animation.


Divine Katana; Yamato:

https :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Divine-Yamato-Katana-476026418

Powers: Ability to cut through any material and techniques and is able to even cut through time/space and open dimensional portals/rifts.

Divine Sword; Sun Dragon:

https :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Divine-Sun-Dragon-Sword-432877208

Powers: Absolute control over all aspects of Light and Heat.

Divine Sword; Moon Dragon:

https :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Divine-Moon-Dragon-Sword-432877201

Powers: Absolute control over all aspects of Darkness and Cold.

Current Residence:



Multiversal traveling immortal hermit, and hero

Theme Music:

https :// www. youtube .com/watch?v=dTkZaYcUf68

Battle Music:

https :// www. youtube .com/watch?v=29iHAJxBu7I

Kekkei Mōra:

Tiangan - Heavenly Eye

https :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Arashi-s-Doujutsu-Tiangan-Heavenly-Eye-733599582

When activated, Arashi's entire eyes change, glowing a little bit brighter and gaining a Tenseigan pattern. His eyes also gain a black ripple pattern with Nine Tomoe just like the true Rinne-Sharingan.

1. All abilities of Rinne-Sharingan and Tenseigan

Tentai - Heavenly Body:

1. True immortality

2. High speed regeneration

3. Adaptive immunity

4. Environmental adaptation

5. Infinite energy and stamina reserves

6. Enhanced sensory perception, reaction and movement speeds

7. Dense muscular and skeletal structures

8. Increased intelligence

9. Photographic memory

10. Space-Time, molecular/matter and reality manipulation


The origin of Arashiki Ōtsutsuki starts long ago in an alternate timeline. He was born to Hagaromo and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, however in this timeline she didn't fight Hagaromo and Hamura. No, she instead told them of her origin and why she did what she did. After much time, her sons had gotten her to agree to stop making sacrifices of the humans. Decades have passed and in that time the three had gave all the humans Chakra, taught the ways of Ninshu and all helped train each other in preparation. However Momoshiki and Kinshiki had eventually arrived to the world, much earlier than anticipated but the the family members and the humans were ready.

The climactic battle between the two sides lasted long and many of the humans had lost their lives with their Chakra reclaimed by the Shinju. The two Ōtsutsuki however had merged and became too overwhelming. Kaguya, her sons and what remained of humanity had retreated to the Shinju after managing to temporary seal away the Demon Momoshiki. In the end and against Kaguya's wishes what remained of humanity and her sons had given their Chakra and life to the Shinju in order for it to bare the Shinju Fruit again. With tears in her eyes Kaguya had taken the fruit that had been bared and eaten it. She had become a true Goddess now due to the power contained within and once Momoshiki had come back, she in a fury had felled Demon Momoshiki near instantly and absorbed all his powers as well. With all life dead on this world, just like all the others the Shinju was planted on, she left the dimension. However, during the time in which Momoshiki was temporarily sealed, Hagaromo and Kaguya shared an intimate night and in turn, Kaguya once again had become pregnant. This child would become Arashiki Ōtsutsuki.

Arashiki, like all typical Ōtsutsuki had pale skin, Byakugan eyes and White hair. However his powers when he was a newborn had already rivaled his mother's which surprised her. As he grew up, he learned that he had even more abilities and powers than just a godly amount of Chakra and the Byakugan. He learned his body had enhanced and fast from nearly any injury, including most that could be fatal and he could absorb Chakra! He had multiple other abilities he would discover more as he grew up, one such is levitation and high speed flight. Others are limited but godly in terms of use, such as, time, space and time/space manipulation and even matter manipulation! He named his body abilities; Tentai or Heavenly Body. He also found out that while he could use the Byakugan like his mother, he also had the ability to switch between other Dōjutsu, something he found out by complete accident. He was able to use the Byakugan, Sharingan and even the Rinnegan and with each Dōjutsu, came with new yet powerful abilities. It took years to train and master his eyes and the abilities each one granted.

As Arashiki grew up, Kaguya had come to realize he had brought light to her world when she had nearly given into despair. She had raised him, taught him all she had learned and helped him to understand and control and master his powers. However it was not ment to last and she knew this. And it was with a heavy heart, that when Arashiki had become an adult and his powers had reached their peak she had told him something heartbreaking. She was going to transform body into a Chakra Fruit while separating her soul. She would move onto the Pure World and be with her loved ones while he would gain all her power. He was to then carry on the fight against the Ōtsutsuki. She understood this was cruel in it's own way but he had understood and didn't resent her. They took some time together to properly grieve for what was to come.

The time eventually came. Kaguya with Arashiki's help became a Chakra fruit that he then consumed. She had stayed long enough to give him one last embrace before moving on. Shortly after she disappeared did he start to change. He grew a little taller and gained a bit more muscle mass but still thankfully retained his lean figure. His muscles and bones grew denser to compensate. His Tentai abilities that he had grew to be more vastly more powerful and he actually gain some new abilities as well. His healing for example became full on regeneration and grew to be as fast as near instant depending on the injuries and that he could regenerate entire limbs, organs and even his head! And one of his new abilities was environmental adaptation, something that would allow him to adapt and survive to any environment around him. Underwater, the vacuum of space, acid oceans, lava, it didn't matter. He also had learned that he gained a new Dōjutsu, one that was a combination of all the Dōjutsus he had, in addition to his mother's Rinne-Sharingan. It also retained every single abilities the previous Dōjutsu had, but they also had grew in power from what they were before.

This new Dōjutsu had the glowing, shifting flower pattern and colors of the Tenseigan but the rings and nine tomoe of the Rinne-Sharingan. But because the rings and tomoe were within the Iris instead of encompassing the entire eye like the normal Rinne-Sharingan and Rinnegan, they were drastically smaller in size compared to the rings and tomoe of the Rinne-Sharingan his mother had. He had named it; Tiangan, the Heavenly Eye. Arashiki had also learned how to turn off and on his Doujutsu, which had surprised him at the time since he thought it was permanent for quite a long time. He saw his normal eyes after learning how to turn off his Doujutsu. He was shocked for his normal eyes were not those of the pale pupiless Byakugan. They were more normal than before, the Iris was a dark Blue color called Sapphire and they even had a pupil! But even though they looked more like a normal person's eyes, they were still different. This was because his Sapphire Irises had glowing, swirling pattern of lighter Blue and White colors. It was beautiful and unique but they did seem to scare people since they were also pretty unnatural. The glow was able to even be seen from behind sunglasses though they weren't as bright obviously.

Arashiki took some years of exploring the mostly empty planet, mostly empty because the planet still was full of life, lush with flora and fauna, but it had no more people. Humanity was extinct on it. He spent those years just sightseeing and mastering his powers and abilities. It was many years later he felt he was at an acceptable level to finish his mission of hunting the remaining Ōtsutsuki. He did so with a vengeance, first he hunted down the Ōstutsuki that had remained hidden on the planet, Ishiki and that was a tough battle. Ishiki had the annoying ability to shrink himself and almost anything he laid his eyes on. Arashiki then went after the others after killing Ishiki. It took a long time, centuries in fact because of how spread out in the universe they were and that many were very powerful or had annoying abilities, but eventually Arashiki had managed to wipe out the Ōtsutsuki. He actually didn't wipe out every single Ōtsutsuki though because he learned there were actually ones that went against their own kind, similar to his family and so he let them live under the threat of him coming back to kill them should they decide to continue on with what the bad Ōtsutsuki used to do.

After he had completed his mission in his own universe, he decided to change his name. He changed it to Arashi Uzukaze. The now named Arashi had understood that while his universe was eventually free of the threat of the Ōtsutsuki, they existed in other alternate universes and so he decided to hunt them down in other universes. He would show mercy if they would show the ability to change of course, just like he did in his home universe as he was not a monster like most Ōtsutsuki were. In his mission to hunt the Ōtsutsuki, he had traveled to many different universes, some being alternates of his own universe, others being completely different. He also made it a habit to visit the Earth, among other life bearing planets, of each universe he travels to to see any differences between the ones he's been to before. His mission is still ongoing but that doesn't mean he doesn't have fun in the meantime.

OC 2 Bio (Destiny; The Guardian, Multiversal):

Name: Daniel

Nickname: Dan

Codename: Darth-Dragon-007

Shortened Codename: Dragon

Titles/Achievements: Captain, THE Guardian, The Chosen One, God-slayer, Warrior of Light, Iron Lord, Young Wolf, Lord Guardian, Hive-bane, Rivens-bane, House Devil-killer, House King-killer, House Wolf-killer, House Dusk-killer, House Salvation-killer, Slayer of Atheon, Slayer of Crota, Slayer of Oryx, Hero of the Red War, Avenger of Cayde-6, ect.

Fireteam Name: Fireteam Immortal (FI)

Fireteam Position: Founder and Leader

Physical Age: 20 - 25

Chronological Age: Unknown

Guardian Class: Titan

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Super energy is nigh infinite and can be maintained almost indefinitely when activated, but can also be deactivated at will. Class, Grenade and Melee abilities are infinite however.)

(IMPORTANT NOTE 2: The Guardian can switch his subclass elements, super abilities, class abilities, melee abilities and his grenade abilities all at will, on the fly, instantaneously. As a result, he can mix and match his elements and abilities.)

Guardian Subclasses:

Light Name (Element) - Darkness Name (Element);

1. Sentinel/Defender (Void) - Behemoth (Stasis)

2. Sunbreaker (Solar) - Berserker (Strand)

3. Striker (Arc) - ?????? (?????)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Voice: Matthew Mercer

Accent: Standard American

Personality: Dan is a kind person to his friends and a demon to his enemies. However he doesn't want to kill needlessly and with usually try to ignore weaker enemies completely unless they become a serious threat. He loves to spout one liners, both cheesy and badass, when in battle and really loves to make quips both in and out of battle, something he learned from his first and sadly late best friend/mentor, Cayde-6. He can also be incredibly sarcastic and loves to also act like a smartass, usually out of battle and this is something his Ghost Cerina shares with him. He also really loves to piss off his enemies by insulting or making fun of them, even going so far as to have his Ghost act like a boombox to blast music to do so (she enjoys it too) while he dances, even while in active combat. He also takes great interest in the many women that he finds attractive and/or strong willed. He has made passes at Amanda Holiday, Mara Sov, Ada-1, The Stranger (also known as Elsie Bray) and many female Guardians and has earned a reputation at being a terrible but lovable flirt and playboy. The only major exception to this is Ikora Ray, only because she actually scares him.

Appearence (Customization Options):

Face: Option 2 (Rounded, soft features)

Skin Color: Option 3 (Pale)

Lip Color: Option 11 (Normal)

Eye Color: Option 6 (Hazel)

Hair: Option 4 (High Fade Short Quiff)

Hair Color: Option 3 (Brown)

Marking: Option 9 (Skull Eye Shadow, Circular Tear Drop Shape)

Marking Color: Option 19 (Black)

Body Type: Muscular (Medium Bodybuilder)

Height: 6' 00"

Weight: 260 Lbs

Armor Loadouts:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: All Exotic armor and the Legendary Artifact have been specifically customized and each effect carefully modified by the Guardian and his Ghost from their original versions to enhance their specific abilities while negating drawbacks)

Street Armor Loadout (Full Legendary Armor Loadout):

Armor Height: 6' 02"

Armor Weight: 250 Lbs

Powered Armored Bodysuit (Lightweight): 150 Lbs

Helmet Armor Name: Luxe Visor

Helmet Armor Weight: 15 Lbs

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Levels: 10 - Masterworked

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Arm Armor Name: Luxe Cuffs

Arm Armor Weight: 20 Lbs (10 Lbs per Arm)

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Levels: 10 - Masterworked

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Chest Armor Name: Luxe Parka

Chest Armor Weight: 30 Lbs

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Levels: 10 - Masterworked

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Leg Armor Name: Luxe Treads

Leg Armor Weight: 30 Lbs (15 Lbs per leg)

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Levels: 10 - Masterworked

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Class Armor Name: Memory of Cayde Mark

Class Armor Weight: 5 Lbs

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Levels: 10 - Masterworked

Shader: No Shader

Artifact Name: Memory of Gheleon

Modified Effects: Grants an enhanced motion detector which shows the real time movements of allies, neutral parties and enemies using color coordinated dots. The dot colors are; Blue (Allies), Yellow (Neutral), Red (Enemy). The dot color contrast also shows the elevation in relation to your position. Fainter equals lower, Bolder equals higher.

Battle Armor Loadout (Full Exotic Armor Loadout):

Armor Height: 6' 04"

Armor Weight: 4,000 Lbs

Powered Armor Bodysuit (Heavy Weight): 750 Lbs

Helmet Armor Name: One Eyed Mask

Helmet Armor Weight: 245 Lbs

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Level: 10 - Masterworked

Ornament: Jian

Modified Effect: Full Vengence; Highlights any enemy who dared to damage you on your HUD with a Red outline. Highlighted enemies remain visible even behind objects. Killing highlighted enemies grants a temporary overshield (1 min).

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Arm Armor Name: Icefall Mantle

Arm Armor Weight: 500 Lbs (250 Lbs per arm)

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Level: 10 - Masterworked

Modified Effect: Over Guard; Over Guard's ability replaces both Barricade abilities. Over Guard grants the Guardian a very powerful and recharging overshield when activated. The overshield remains active until the Guardian manually deactivates it. When activating Over Guard, an AoE pulse is sent out in a 360 degree radius, damaging, disorienting and slowing any nearby enemies, allies are unaffected. Movement speed is unaffected even when Over Guard is active.

Ornament: No Ornament

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Chest Armor Name: War Rig Armament (Armamentarium/Actium War Rig fusion)

Chest Armor Weight: 1250 Lbs

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Level 10 - Masterworked

Modified Effect: Full Armament: Carry an additional grenade charge. Any equipped weapon's magazine/energy core is fully reloaded automatically from reserves once magazine/energy core reserves reaches 0.

Ornament: No Ornament

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Leg Armor Name: Dune Marchers

Leg Armor Weight: 1250 Lbs (650 Lbs per leg)

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Level: 10 - Masterworked

Modified Effect: Kinetically Charged Actuators: Increases all movement speed, jumping and gliding height. Sprinting builds up a powerful electric charge and you remain charged for 5 seconds when you stop sprinting. Meleeing an enemy while charged will unleash a powerful area of effect blast, damaging or killing nearby enemies.

Ornament: Hip Waders

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Class Armor Name: Memory of Cayde Mark

Class Armor Weight: 5 Lbs

Energy Types: Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis, Strand, ????

Energy Level: 10 - Masterworked

Ornament: No Ornament

Shader: No Shader

Artifact Name: Memory of Gheleon

Modified Effects: Grants an enhanced motion detector which shows the real time movements of allies, neutral parties and enemies using color coordinated dots. The dot colors are; Blue (Allies), Yellow (Neutral), Red (Enemy). The dot color contrast also shows the elevation in relation to your position. Fainter equals lower, Bolder equals higher.

Weapon Loadouts (Full Exotic Weapon Loadouts):

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting at Season 15, because all Primary Ammo Weapons will have infinite reserve ammo, so too will my Guardian also have infinite reserve ammo for his Primary Ammo Weapons (Theory is the Guardian's Light/Darkness energies are so powerful that their Ghost is able to synthesize Primary Ammo directly from the them))

Kenetic Weapon(s):

1. No Time to Explain:

Catalyst: Blast From The Side

Ornament: Golden Days

2. Ace of Spades:

Catalyst: Funeral Pyre

Ornament: The Last Hand

3. Sweet Business:

Catalyst: Serious Business

Ornament: Go About Your Business

4. Touch of Malice

Catalyst: Rapid Hit

Ornament: Threatening Breath

5. Outbreak Perfected

Catalyst: Disease Vector

Ornament: Patient Zero

6. Quicksilver Storm

Catalyst: N/A

Ornament: N/A

Energy Weapon(s):

1. Eriana's Vow:

Catalyst: More To Give

Ornament: Bound by Oath

2. Hard Light:

Catalyst: Increased Stability

Ornament: The Future is Chrome

3. Vex Mythoclast

Catalyst: Calculated Balance

Ornament: The Untold Tale

Power Weapon(s):

1. Sleeper Simulant:

Catalyst: Accelerated Coils/Deeper Pockets

Ornament: Directive: Crash

2. Gjallarhorn:

Catalyst: More Wolves

Ornament: Hraesveglur

3. One Thousand Voices:

Catalyst: N/A

Ornament: One Terrible Scream

4. Xenophage:

Catalyst: N/A


5. Whisper of the Worm:

Catalyst: Increased Reload/Whispered Breathing

Ornament: Roar of the Wyrm


Name: Cerina (Pronunciation: Sir-Ee-Nah)

Voice: Courtenay Taylor

Personality: Cerina is a kind, light hearted Ghost with a sense of humor. However her kind and light hearted nature and humor doesn't stop the fact she can be incredibly sarcastic and a smartass as well, something her Guardian shares with her. She is smart and is able to hack anything electronic if given enough time, no matter how advanced it is, which usually results in the Guardian having to fend off waves of enemies, something they both joke about constantly. Cerina and Dan are on extremely good terms with each other even if she doesn't always agree with some of his choices (mainly just rushing into situations with no proper plans and just winging it along the way). Cerina and Dan also tend to banter with each other about the situations they tend to find themselves in or of situations they were in, in the past.

Shell: Sagira's Shell

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Projection: Traveler Projection

Ghost Abilities:

1. Breakdown and reconstruct materials into Glimmer (programmable matter), which could be used as a form of currency. The Glimmer can also be transformed into ammo blocks and ammo synthesis packs.

2. The ability to fully repair her Guardian's damaged or worn down weapons and armor.

3. Ability to transmat or store weapons, armor, ghost shells and sparrows as well as items, materials and ammo synthesizers into or from the Guardian's ship board Vault. Can also transmat ammo crates from the Guardian's ship.

4. Infinite data storage for images, videos, music, intel files, blueprints and more. Can also project stored data as holograms. Can be used as a portable video or music player. Can also upload stored data locally or remotely where needed for others to look at (data pads, terminals, etc).

5. Able to hack into any system if given enough time. Manually is the quickest, remotely takes longer.


Ermine Tac-717

(Role: Jumpship, Dropship, Cargo/Supply ship, Air Support)

Seating Capacity: 16 plus passengers, 1 Pilot (and Ghost)

Cargo Weight Limit: 160,000 Lbs (80 Tons)

Armament: 50 mm Hard Light Chain-Gun

Rate of fire: In atmosphere - 300 rpm, In space - 500 rpm

Round size: 50 x 228 mm

Round types: HEAPHLR (High Explosive Armor Piercing Hard Light Rounds)

Round materials: The Hard Light Rounds are created using a specially designed ammunition fabricator using technology from Siva, Omolon, Hakke and Suros, created especially for The Guardian that was installed onto his ship. How it works specifically is beyond The Guardian's comprehension, but it allows for infinite ammo! The rounds are very flexible in terms of usage; anti-shield/barrier, anti-material, anti-armor, anti-personnel, etc.

Round velocity: In atmosphere: Mach 5 (1,702 m/s) - Mach 10 (3,403 m/s), In space: 1C ((Speed of Light) 299,792458 m/s))

Ammunition reserves: Infinite

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Transmat Effect: Gold Beam Effect


Any Other Sky

Shader: New Age Black Armory

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