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Name: Daniel Bridges

Birthday: May 5th 1987 (05/20/87)

Age: 32

Likes: Video Games, PS3, Fan Fiction...ECT

Important Note:

If you look at my OCs and wish to use one or heck, even both, in your story or stories, PM me and let me know please. :)

OC 1 Bio (Narutoverse; OC, Multiversal):


Current: Arashi Uzukaze

Former: Arashiki Otsutsuki


1. Guardian of Life and Light

2. Elemental Demon Sage

3. The Immortal Perverted Sage

4. The Immortal Demon


Physical Age: 20s

Chronological Age: Unknown




6 Ft 6 In / 2.0 M / 198 Cm

Height Comparison:

h t t p s :// www. mrinitialman .com/OddsEnds/Sizes/sizes.html?base_ft=6&base_in=6&comp_ft=6&comp_in=0


350 Lbs / 159 Kg




h t t p s :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Arashi-s-Eyes-Normal-733600194

Glowing Sapphire Irises.


h t t p :// zetsuai89. deviantart .com/art/Vergil-Devil-May-Cry-148563918

Silver Windswept Spiky, Medium-Short Length. Is soft and fur like.


h t t p :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Arashi-Uzukaze-Hollywood-Style-476021155

Arashi is a tall humanoid male with a tan complexion and a well defined muscular, lean body build. However, his muscles are also very dense, more than human muscles. This results in him weighting more than a human of similar height and build. In addition, the density in combination of the lean muscle mass gives his muscles the feeling of being made of solid hard material such as steel or stone, allowing him to pretty much shrug off almost all forms of projectiles and explosions. His bones are also dense, thus increasing his weight a bit more. They are more than dense enough that they are pretty much unbreakable.


Chris Hemsworth

Accent: Standard American

Clothes Style:

(The crotch and legs are loose fit to allow for more comfortable movement)

h t t p :// vergildvs. deviantart .com/art/DMC-Vergil-Black-Cape-Coat-186005465


A nice guy all round personality with several quirks to make others smile, such as being childish and immature. He loves to tease and joke with other people, but loves to especially tease females. Arashi also has quite a playboy streak in that he'll flirt with any female he finds attractive, both in looks and personality. He's not too picky on the personality front as he likes various personalities, from kind and bubbly to aggressive tsunderes, tomboys, ect. As for looks, as long as the female is attractive, mainly athletic, supermodel, ect, it doesn't even matter their race or species.

Threaten those he cares for or threaten anyone he deems protected and his personality shifts into something so calm and deadly, it'll make even the most hardened or scary evils shake in fright.

Fighting Style:

Arashi prefers to stay out of combat or avoid combat all together if he is able to as he wants others to fight their own battles. However he will not hesitate to join in a battle if he feels that he is needed or that the lives of others are on the line and can not be saved by someone else. Also, Arashi will try to avoid killing so long as he knows who he's against isn't irredeemable. Given that he can sense the light within others, it makes it easy for him to know who to kill and who not to kill.

In combat, Arashi tends to stick to using Hand to Hand using his vast knowledge and mastery of all fighting styles ever created as well as using his physical and bloodline abilities, to avoid, misdirect or mislead his opponent's attacks, all the while taunting his opponent, this is to make his opponent sloppy due to frustration and anger. Arashi is also an expert in Single and Dual weapon combat, knowing all created styles that use one to two weapons, mainly swords.

He tends to use his Zanpakuto; Divine Yamato, when dealing with most armed combat situations or when dealing with large numbers of beings, mainly using a combination of the Dark Slayer and Hiten-Mitsurugi styles in tandem with his physical and bloodline abilities though he will still go for non-lethal attacks.

Arashi has his own personal pocket dimension of which he named it 'The Vault', which he had created, in which he can store items, equipment, weapons and pretty much everything else there is (including vehicles and buildings) he wishes. He can also instantly summon or pull out whatever he has stored into this pocket dimension to a location of his choosing within a certain range of where he stands. For weapons, he'd just summon them straight to his hands.

Anything stored into or summoned from The Vault, appears or disappears in a bright flash of light.

(The Vault is basically Arashi's own version of the Armiger)

Weapon; Zanpakuto:

Arashi's Zanpakuto is very unique in that it's always in the equivilant to a Shinigami's Zanpakuto released state and that it actually doesn't have a Zanpakuto spirit. It is more like that of an Arrancar's Zanpakuto than a Shinigami's in that regard, being more an extension of his power than a separate being. Not only does it not have a Zanpakuto spirit, but it also has different given names and forms depending on which state it is in! A single Katana style weapon in it's Shikai state and stylized twin Dragon broadswords in Bankai! Another difference is because it is nothing more than an extension of his power, Shikai and Bankai do not increase his power at all, just grant different abilities.

Zanpakuto Shikai:

Divine Katana; Yamato:

h t t p s :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Divine-Yamato-Katana-476026418

Powers: Ability to cut through any material and techniques and is able to even cut through time/space and open dimensional portals/rifts.

Zanpakuto Bankai:

Divine Sword; Sun Dragon:

h t t p :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Divine-Sun-Dragon-Sword-432877208

Powers: Absolute control over all aspects of Light and Heat.

Divine Sword; Moon Dragon:

h t t p :// elementaldemonsage. deviantart .com/art/Divine-Moon-Dragon-Sword-432877201

Powers: Absolute control over all aspects of Darkness and Cold.

Current Residence:



Multiversal traveling immortal hermit, and hero

Theme Music:

h t t p s :// youtube .com/watch?v=dTkZaYcUf68

Battle Music:

h t t p s :// youtube .com/watch?v=29iHAJxBu7I

Kekkei Mora:

Tiangan - Heavenly Eye

h t t p s :// elementaldemonsage ./art/Arashi-s-Doujutsu-Tiangan-Heavenly-Eye-733599582

When activated, Arashi's entire eyes change, glowing a little bit brighter and gaining a Tenseigan pattern. His eyes also gain a black ripple pattern with Nine Tomoe just like the true Rinne-Sharingan.

1. All abilities of Rinne-Sharingan and Tenseigan

Tentai - Heavenly Body:

1. True immortality

2. Adaptive high speed regeneration

3. Adaptive immunity

4. Environmental and temperature adaptation

5. Infinite energy and stamina

6. Near instantaneous reaction and movement

7. Enhanced sensory perception

8. Densely packed muscles and near unbreakable bones

9. High intelligence and photographic memory

10. Energy and Radiation manipulation and absorption

11. Matter and Molecular manipulation

12. Space-Time and Reality manipulation


The origin of Arashiki Otsutsuki starts long ago in an alternate timeline. He was born to Hagaromo and Kaguya Otsutsuki, however in this timeline she didn't fight Hagaromo and Hamura. No, she instead told them of her origin and why she did what she did. After much time, her sons had gotten her to agree to stop making sacrifices of the humans. Decades have passed and in that time the three had gave all the humans Chakra, taught the ways of Ninshu and all helped train each other in preparation. However Momoshiki and Kinshiki had eventually arrived to the world, much earlier than anticipated but the the family members and the humans were ready.

The climactic battle between the two sides lasted long and many of the humans had lost their lives with their Chakra reclaimed by the Shinju. The two Otsutsuki however had merged and became too overwhelming. Kaguya, her sons and what remained of humanity had retreated to the Shinju after managing to temporary seal away the Demon Momoshiki. In the end and against Kaguya's wishes what remained of humanity and her sons had given their Chakra and life to the Shinju in order for it to bare the Shinju Fruit again. With tears in her eyes Kaguya had taken the fruit that had been bared and eaten it. She had become a true Goddess now due to the power contained within and once Momoshiki had come back, she in a fury had felled Demon Momoshiki near instantly and absorbed all his powers as well. With all life dead on this world, just like all the others the Shinju was planted on, she left the dimension. However, during the time in which Momoshiki was temporarily sealed, Hagaromo and Kaguya shared an intimate night and in turn, Kaguya once again had become pregnant. This child would become Arashiki Otsutsuki.

Arashiki, like all typical Otsutsuki had pale skin, Byakugan eyes and White hair. However his powers when he was a newborn had already rivaled his mother's and she had a hell of a time taking care of him. Arashiki had brought light to her world when she had nearly given into despair. She had raised him, taught him all she had learned and helped him to understand and control his powers. However when Arashiki had become an adult and his powers had reached their peaks she had told him something heartbreaking. He was to absorb her, transform her into a Chakra Fruit and consume her powers.

Arashiki was devastated but Kaguya had told him why she had wanted this to happen. And so it had happened and Kaguya could now visit the Pure World to visit all her loved ones. Arashiki after consuming his mother's power had started to change. He grew taller and more muscular but still retained his lean figure. His skin changed as well, losing it's pale color to become more of a Bronze tan. His hair changed from White to a more Silvery color. His normal eyes had also changed from the pupil-less Whiteish color of the Byakugan to a deep Sapphire Blue with a normal black pupil. His eyes would then shift to something similar to his mother's third eye, but also different. While it had the ripples and the nine tomoe of the Rinne-Sharingan but the color was White with various shades of Blues and White is a shifting flowery pattern. Essentially it looked like a combination of the Rinne-Sharingan and the Tenseigan.

It wouldn't be for some time that Arashiki would learn what the various Doujutsu would be called, and an even longer time that he'd end up creating a name for his unique Doujutsu. Arashiki's name for his Doujutsu? The Tiangan, or the Heavenly Eye, which was pretty accurate given the abilities it'd grant him. Suffice to say, while Arashiki was already godlike before hand, the changes he had just gone through, the additional power he gained and any new abilities he had also gained after absorbing Kaguya had turned him into a true godly being. However at the moment he dedicated his life to mastering his powers that he had due to what had happened and the changes he went through. And master them he did and it had taken him several decades and a lot of destruction to his surroundings, to do so.

He had learned so much in those decades though and that his powers went well beyond what he used to have. Arashiki had also learned he could turn off his Doujutsu, which had surprised him at the time since he thought it was permanent. It was soon after that he had noticed that his eyes were not the White that he once knew, but a deep Sapphire Blue and that they even had visible pupils! Given that he knew he couldn't die and that he'd rather go out and explore, Arashiki eventually decided to leave the root dimension and travel. However his world was dead so he instead decided to travel to other dimensions and have some fun while doing so. The typical hero type of fun in his eyes, fight the bad guys, save or revive people, get the girls, that sorta thing.

However he had no clue what dimensions he should travel to so he recreated the Root Dimension, changing it from it's lifeless state to one that looked like an absolutely beautiful Planet Earth teeming with wildlife. He had created a castle for himself and inside was a throne room from which he could see and observe all possible dimensions to ever exist. Arashiki had transformed what was once a barren odd looking wasteland into a world that looked like it popped straight from a fairytail. He had taken to learn much about these dimensions. He had spent countless years observing the countless worlds and civilizations of these ever expanding numbers of infinite dimensions. He of course had taken breaks to just explore and admire the fairytail root dimension. It was also during these countless years that he had also taken to observing the alternate versions of his own dimensions, including the Prime version. It was during these observations that he changed his name to Arashi Uzukaze, a change he liked quite well. He had then decided to personally travel to each and every dimension, taking occasional trips to his root dimension to keep it maintained.

OC 2 Bio (Destiny; The Guardian, Multiversal):

Name: Daniel Bridges or Dan to those close to him

Codename: Darth Dragon 007 or just Dragon for short

Fireteam Name: Fireteam Immortal (FI)

Fireteam Position: Founder and Leader

Physical Age: 20s

Actual Age: Unknown

Guardian Class: Titan

Subclass (Primary Main): Solar - Sunbreaker, Stasis - Behemoth

Subclass (Secondary Main): Arc - Striker, Void - Sentinal

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Voice: Matthew Mercer

Accent: Standard American

Personality: He loves to spout one liners, both cheesy and badass when in battle in an effort to lighten the atmosphere for himself and allies, but also loves to piss off his enemies by insulting or making fun of them. He, like many other Guardians also love to randomly burst into dance sessions even in combat, having his Ghost also acting like a portable music player so he can have music to dance to. He does get a great sense of satisfaction in the confusion among his enemies he causes during these moments. He also loves to banter with his ghost Solluna. He also has an interest in attractive females that are also strong willed and has made passes at Amanda and Mara in the past.

Appearence (Customization Options):

Face: Option 2 (Rounded, soft features)

Skin Color: Option 3 (Pale)

Lip Color: Option 11 (Normal)

Eye Color: Option 6 (Hazel)

Hair: Option 4 (High Fade Short Quiff)

Hair Color: Option 3 (Brown)

Marking: Option 9 (Skull Eye Shadow, Circular Tear Drop Shape)

Marking Color: Option 19 (Black)

Body Type: Muscular (Medium Bodybuilder)

Height: 6' 00"

Weight: 260 Lbs

Armor Height: Adds 06" to height

Armor Weight: 6000 lbs (3 Tons)

Helmet Armor: 1000 lbs

Arm Armor: 1250 lbs

Chest Armor: 1500 lbs

Leg Armor: 1250 lbs

Powered Armored Undersuit: 1000 lbs

Armor Loadout:

Helmet Armor:

One Eyed Mask

Masterworked, Solar Energy Type

Ornament: Jian

Modified Effect: Enhanced Vengence; Highlights the enemy(s) who dare to damage you on your HUD and Radar. Highlighted enemies remain highlighted until you kill them or you are killed. Increases ammo drop rate and highlights dropped ammo blocks and engrams on your HUD and Radar. Improved target acquisition for all weapons.

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Arm Armor:

Icefall Mantle

Masterworked, Solar Energy Type

Modified Effect: Enhanced Glacial Guard; Replaces your Barricade ability with a powerful personal overshield. The overshield while active, consumes your Super Energy but it can be deactivated by using Barricade while overshield is active or by letting your Super Energy run out. When you activate Enhanced Glacial Guard, you send out an area of effect blast, disorienting and slowing any nearby enemies. Movement speed is unaffected, however your Barricade and Super recharge is slowed (abilities and mods that speed up recharge are unaffected) while the overshield is active.

Ornament: N/A

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Chest Armor:

Armamentarium (Ver; D2)

Masterworked, Solar Energy Type

Modified Effect: Enhanced Armamentarium; Carry an additional grenade charge (stacks with additional grenade charge abilities). Reserve Ammo capacity for all equipped weapons is maxed and ammo boxes for Primary/Kenetic, Secondary/Energy and Heavy/Power weapons are found more often and grant three magazines worth of ammo when picked up.

Ornament: N/A

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Leg Armor:

Dune Marchers

Masterworked, Solar Energy Type

Modified Effect: Enhanced Linear Actuators; Increases all movement speed (walking, running, sprinting, crouch walking, jumping, climbing/mounting and gliding). Sprinting builds up a powerful electric charge (stacks with all melee abilities) and you remain charged for 5 seconds when you stop sprinting. Meleeing an enemy while charged with unleash a powerful area of effect blast, damaging and/or killing any nearby enemies.

Ornament: Hip Waders

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Class Armor:

Memory of Cayde Mark

Masterworked, Solar Energy Type

Ornament: N/A

Shader: New Age Black Armory


Memory of Gheleon

Modified Effects: Grants enhanced detailed radar; all enemies (Red) and allies (Blue) show up as small triangles, showing the exact player/enemy positions and the directions they are facing, shows the location of planetary materials and treasure chests, the radar remains in your HUD at all times.

(Think of the detailed radar as similar to the Blackbird/Advanced UAV in Call of Duty)

Weapon Loadouts:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: All weapons listed include all buffs of the specific weapons and weapon types and EXCLUDE any and all nerfs to the weapons and weapon types.)

Primary/Kenetic Weapon(s):

1. Khvostov 7G-0X

Ornament: N/A

2. Sweet Business

Masterworked and Catalyst

Ornament: Go About Your Business

3. Ace of Spades

Masterworked and Catalyst

Ornament: The Last Hand

4. No Time to Explain

Masterwork and Catalyst

Ornament: Frozen in Time

Special/Energy Weapon(s):

1. Icebreaker

Ornament: Nanohance

2. Graviton Lance

Masterworked and Catalyst

Ornament: General Relativity

3. Eriana's Vow

Masterworked and Catalyst

Ornament: Bound by Oath

4. Vex Mythoclast

Masterworked and Catalyst

Ornament: The Untold Tale

Heavy/Power Weapon(s):

1. Sleeper Simulant

Masterworked and Catalyst

Ornament: Hypnopompic

2. Gjallarhorn

Ornament: Iron Gjallarhorn

3. Raze Lighter

Ornament: N/A

4. The Young Wolf's Howl

Ornament: Born in Fire

(Note: The sword light melee attacks do not use ammo/energy but the special/heavy melee attacks do consume ammo/energy. The blade will not disappear (that was a stupid feature in D1) when the ammo/energy is used up. You can still use the special/heavy melee attack even with no ammo/energy, however the damage done will be reduced)


Name: Cortena

Voice: Jen Taylor

Personality: She has a cynical or grim mocking sense of humor and will often cracks jokes or wryly comments, even during combat. She loves to have playful banter between her and her Guardian Dragon both in battle and out of it. She is incredibly smart however and is able to hack anything given enough time, which usually results in the Guardian having to fend off waves of enemies as well, something they both joke about constantly.


1. Generalist Shell

Shader: N/A

Projection: N/A

2. Awakened Shell

Shader: N/A

Projection: N/A


1. Arcadia-Class Jumpship

Shader: N/A

Transmat Effect: Gold Beam Effect

2. Obsidian Wings

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Transmat Effect: Gold Beam Effect


1. Sparrow S-10

Shader: N/A

Any Other Sky

Shader: New Age Black Armory

Naruto Character Bashing/Hate/Dislike:
There's just so much hate in the world and I once got swept up in character hate for some Naruto-verse characters. I honestly wish I could go back in time and slap myself too. I realize that anyone that hates another for some stuff doesn't look at the bigger picture, most villains/bad guys are the exception to this though. Many deserve the hate they get. But I really dislike people that think girls like Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Sakura and so on, are useless, weak, cowardly..ect. They are the type to get swept up in the crowd and not looking at the big picture. More later

To ANY and ALL beginning Fanfiction writers and even VETERN and PROFESSIONAL Fanfic writers...Read This!:

Favorite Naruto Pairings (Crossovers included):


Naruto/Any Female Characters

My Lists of Original Weapons, Techniques, Jutsu...ect (Includes Bloodlines):
(If you want to know more info or use any of the listed, just message me.)

Resistance Seal:

This Seal is applyed on the Back of a person across the Shoulder Blades just below the neck in the shape of an Eagle like Design (Like the one Desmond wears on his Jacket in the Assassin's Creed games). This Seal has a Full Body Effect in which it Restricts all movements and increasing pressure on the Body without effecting the ability to breath. It also allows the Person to charge their Energy into the Seal to increase the Level of the Seal and the Seal itself acts as an Energy Storage Seal and it allows for Infinite amounts of Energy Storage. There is no danger to the body with this Seal like there is with the Gravity Seal as this Seal allows the Body to grow normally and not Restrict the growth of Bones.

Original Bloodline:

Bloodline Name: Assassin Sight (Stages One to Three), Assassin Sense (Stage Four)

Bloodline Discription: Assassin Sight (Once Stage Four has been achived it becomes Assassin Sense) is a powerful Multiple Stage Doujutsu with a Secret Ability. The Trigger to activate this Bloodline is the user's Distress. It usually first activates in cases of extreme emotinaly Pain, usually Saddness or Anger.

Bloodline Abilities:

Note: Once the user first activates Assassin Sight they also activate a Passive ability (meaning the ability always stays active). Through this ability they gain clearer perception of the World (similar the a Mature Sharingan). They are able to see perfectly see when they or anyone else are moving at great speeds. This also effectively eliminates Tunnel Vision that the user would normally experience when moving at a high speed (unless they trained their eyes to eliminate Tunnel Vision before the activation of Assassin Sight) and also allows the user to even perfectly track others moving faster then normal eyes can see and even predict the movements of others down to the slightest muscle Twitch. This ability also increases by a maximum of 2x for each Stage of Assassin Sight that's activated.

Stage One: The World around the user grows Darker while any type of Life form with energy (such as Chakra) will Glow. The Glow of the Life form will depend on the Life form's Feelings and the Glow will also ether be Dull or Bright (but not Blindingly Bright) depending on the amount of Energy they hold. The user also gains the ability to see 360 degrees around themselves to a maximum of Fifteen Meters (The Minimum will always be 2 Meters).

Stage Two: The World around the user regains the Color lost from the First Stage and the Glow of the Lifeforms becomes more Defined allowing the user to see how the Energy flows within the Lifeforms. The 360 Degree radius that the user gains is greatly increased, up to a maximum of Two Miles and also becomes similar to a Sphere around the user.

Stage Three: The Glowing Energy of the Lifeforms becomes perfectly defined allowing the user to perfectly see on how the Energy flows within said lifeforms. The user also gains the ability to see through all obstacles such as Buildings (This part of the ability can be activated and deactivated, without deactivating the entire bloodline, should the user will it) in addition to being able to see the Energy Trail of lifeforms. The 360 Degree Sphere radius is once more increased up to a maximum of Five Miles.

Stage Four: The Final Stage of Assassin Sight in which it becomes Assassin Sense. This Stage gives the user the ability to see perfectly defined Energy Trails of Lifeforms, which also take the shape of the life form. It also allows the user not just to see where the lifeform has been but also what type of actions they were doing at specific places they were at. The Assassin's Sense gives the 360 Degree Sphere radius a Final distance increase of Ten Miles!

My Version of the Weight, Gravity and Resistance Seals and their combined Seal; the Total Workout Seal:

The seals can be used individually or combined into a single seal matrix (Total Workout Seal Matrix), however if the user wanted to use all three on a themselves, the individual Seal Matrixs must be combined into their Single Seal Matrix design. This is done by combining the Weight, Gravity and Resistance Seals located on the upper body into one Seal Matrix. Two of the individual Seal Matrixes have the ability to store an infinite amount of Chakra and since the levels of the Seal depends on how much Chakra is stored, the number of levels of the Seals can have theoretically can also be infinite. The exception to these is the Resistance Seal, which has a limited number of levels.

The individual Seals will have a Level lock for each level that will open once the user has gotten used to the Level they are currently on (example: being able to move, react normally, as if the user had none of the seals on or active) so they don't overexert or kill themselves when adding Chakra into the Seals.
The Gravity and Resistance Seal Matrix are different then the Weight Seal Matrixs in that there can only be one of each seal matrix placed on the body since they both affect the entire body with that one seal. They are normally placed somewhere on the chest/back area. The Weight Seal Matrixes are used as five separate Seal Matrixs that are connected through a chain of seals to the main Weight Seal Matrix that would be located somewhere on the upper body of the user.

These five Seal Matrixs are located on multiple places, starting on the upper body. This will act as both the main seal that connects the other four, but also increases the weight of the upper body. The other four are located on the back of the hands and feet, one for each. Also, the individual Seals Matrixs and the combined Seal Matrix will disappear when deactivated or are passively active. The seals will show on the user when they add Chakra to or take Chakra from the seals in order to increase or decrease the levels.

1. The Weight Seals: The Weight Seals are made up of five seals with one located on the upper body (the main seal) and one for each arm and leg. The seals that are located on the user's arms and legs are combined with the main Weight Seal on the upper body through chained seals that travel along the user's body and combined with all five of the seals. Each level on the Weight Seals are equal to fifty pounds of weight per Weight Seal for a combined total weight of two hundred and fifty pounds.

2. The Gravity Seal: The Gravity Seal is a seal that does as it says, and increases the gravitational pull that is felt by the user. Each level of the Gravity Seal equals doubles the gravitation pull of the previous level. For example, level one doubles the gravity, level two is four times the gravity, level three is eight times the gravity, ect.

3. The Resistance Seal: The Resistance Seal is as how is says in that it increases the Resistance on the body that is felt by the user, but unlike other Resistance Seals, this specific Seal also increases the Pressure on the body that is also felt by the user.

Useful info on the Shadow Clone Jutsu:

The Shadow Clone Jutsu, a Jutsu that allows the user to split his or her Chakra evenly to create Physical Clones. Once a Shadow Clone dispels all it's remaining Chakra or Youki along with all memories (Mental Fatigue as well) it had acquired in it's lifetime is transferred back to the user in addition to any remaining Clones the user has out. Because of the usefulness of the memory ability of the Shadow Clone, it became a widely used Spy/Recon Jutsu and also as a tool for helping people with training. However due to the amount of Chakra it can take, people are limited to how many clones they can make with most Jonin able to create about 10 Clones without becoming exhausted while the Hokages aren't limited that much, able to possibly create up to 50 Clones. However, creating such large amount of Clones can be deadly to the user should they be stupid enough to consciously dispel them all at once. The best way is to dispel small groups at a time, about every several minutes depending on the amount in the group, that way you and your other remaining Clones can sort through the memories of the dispelled Clones.
Naruto Uzumaki, also know as Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Jinchuuriki of the KYUUBI no YOKO aswell as the son of the Yellow Flash - Minato Namikaze (also known as the 4th Hokage) and the Red Hot Habenero - Kushina Uzumaki (also know as the Red Death). Naruto is a major exception to the Shadow Clone rules due to the insane amount of Chakra he possesses. Naruto's Chakra level is unknow but I believe it surpasses that of any Hokage know due to the amount of Shadow Clones he can make without surcoming to Chakra Exaustion. The amount of Shadow Clones Naruto can create surpasses that of any Kage, ranging from 1 to 1000 Clones. Naruto eventually was taught the Shadow Clone's memory ability when he training to perfect the Rasengan (Most would have figured it out much earlier, but Naruto's intelligence is practically non-existent outside of most battles), and he used it to learn how to somewhat use his Wind Affinity. He then created his Semi-Completed Wind Rasengan, but it's true completion wasn't until Naruto was able to use Sage Mode to it's fullest ability, combining Sage Chakra to the Rasenshuriken to keep it stable in flight.
However, Naruto hasn't show any major improvements in his abilities (especially where his Wind Element is concerned) and from what I can see, it is due to his neglect in his training (not bothering to try and learn any Wind Jutsus and he doesn't regularly train in Chakra Control...ect). Not to mention from what I saw in his sessions with his Shadow Clone training when he was learning to use his Wind element effectively Naruto still doesn't know how to utilize the Shadow Clone training to it's max potential. That is where I will come in and tell you how to best utilize the Shadow Clone training method.

Step 1. Create as many Shadow Clones as possible without feeling Chakra Exaustion.

Step 2. Have your Clones set up into Groups to work on different tasks or have them all work on one thing (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu..ect) while the Original person works on his Body, performing Physical tasks to strengthen his body. Also, you should have some Clones on Meditation to help with the Memory sorting and Exaustion. The proportion of Meditation Clones you create should be ranging around 1 to several for each Group of working Shadow Clones (depending on the amount of Clones in each group).

Step 3. Dispel small portions of the Clones (or have them dispel themselves) that you know are close to exhausting their Chakra supply that way you and your remaining Clones get the memories (in addition to any remaining Chakra the Clones had before being dispelled), your Meditation Clones will help as well with the Mental overload should it occur. Have the remain Clones continue on what they are doing that way you get even more training then before. This way, you can get at least Quadruple the amount of training done and virtually nullify the Mental exhaustion you can get, then had you just dispelled all the Clones at once and end up possible dyeing in the process due to the mental strain.

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