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I'm funny, smart, loving, a bit adventurous, lots of little crazy, and trustworthy.

I love to read, sleep, eat and chill.

I love to watch a lot of anime especially NARUTO, INUYASHA , BLEACH, HELLSING, xxxHOLIC, CODE GEASS, DEATH NOTE, KUROSHITSUJI, D.GREY-MAN, SHENGEKI NO KYOJIN and a trillion more.

I'm God's home girl so don't mess with me aight lol.

Here's a joke.

The Jamaican On A Ship

On a ship an American, an English man, and a Jamaican were sailing. Suddenly the Devil appeared and said, "Drop something in the sea; if I find it I will eat you ... If I can't, then I will be your slave!"

The American dropped a diamond. The Devil quickly found it and ate him.

The English man dropped tiny platinum piece. The Devil found it and ate him too.

Now it's the Jamaican man's turn ... He proceeded to open a bottle of water, and poured it in the sea! His words to the Devil, "Yeah man, find that bloodclaat nuh!!! Yuh tink seh jamaicans a idiot?

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