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Welcome to my profile :P.

About me:

1. I don't write stories on here. I only read. XD I still don't know why I got added to people's author's lists. I don't like seeing OCs in stories with a few exceptions and unless they are really necessary.

2. Did some beta-reading, but now I have that much time(and I am lazy, unmotivated, blah blah...I know).

3. Drawing's my hobby, but I don't draw as much as before. Now it's just listening to music, coding, watching anime, traveling...and web programming...

4. My top favorites(OTP):

Bleach(Ichiruki) Akatsuki no Yona(THIS IS UNDERRATED! HAK IS A BEAST! YONA IS ONE OF THE BEST HEROINES I'VE EVER SEEN IN ANIME/MANGA!) Maid-sama(Who wouldn't wanna watch this series about a Perverted Alien Usui and his cute student president/maid???) Vampire Knight(R.I.P. Kaname :((( ). Naruto(with the exception of a few filler episodes...I've seen it all. Grew up with this series. I love the story. The history...personal growth...R.I.P. Jiraiya/Itachi/Minato/Kushina, my top favorites).

Rants of a Reader:

  1. Why do people keep misspelling "definitely" as "defiantly"?! Pronounce each of them and tell me how different they sound and their definitions.
  2. If you want people to read your fanfic, put effort into it and use proper punctuation, grammar, check for common misspelled words, etc.
  3. It's ok to make mistakes, but don't use 'English is not my native language' or laziness as excuses to keep repeating same mistakes and and not correcting them. Put some effort in. Use the dictionary, internet, etc.
  4. Do some planning, brainstorming, before writing...Writer's block SUCKS FOR EVERYONE! Especially for those readers...who patiently wait for you to update.
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