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I do not have access to a computer with internet, only my mobile phone. Until such a time that I do get access to a computer with internet, any stories I may have posted are on haitus.

You may call me Vynne. I will not give out my real name because I am not stupid enough to do that.

I am twenty-four years in age. I was born April 4th in the year 1990.

Last time I was measured for height, I was 5'4" and disappointed because I was told by doctors I would be at least six feet tall...Yeah, totally at least six feet tall! (Please note the sarcasm on that last part.)

I will not give anything on weight other than I am neither overly fat nor am I particularly skinny.

My fictionpress.com penname is Daggian.

I will keep my religion a secret unless you can guess it correctly. If you decide to guess, I will tell you if you are wrong or not. The only hint I will give is that certain aspects of my beliefs can not help but to put them into everything I write.

You can reach me at or PM me ONLY...Unless I give you special permission otherwise.

My hobbies contain animals, music, reading, writing, learning about different religions (both old and new although it is hard to find anything on Scientology), and gardening.

I love my little girl, my boyfriend, my hobbies, and my religion. I love that I am also extremely open-minded.

I hate people who are close-minded, those that claim THEIR religion is the ONLY way to go, and those that say I am worshiping something I have never believed ever existed. How can one possible worship what one does not believe in? If you can answer that, then by all means tell me your answer!

My pet peeves are the extremists of any religion who take things too far or make others of the same religion look bad and those that will lie about other religions to scare people into their own...Especially the ones that KNOWINGLY do so. Yes, I had been invited to a church who had a preacher that did that.

Enough about religions because I have most likely and undoubtedly angered you beyond belief already.

My favorite Genres are romance, adventure, action, and comedy...Of course sci-fi and fantasy!

I will continue to update my profile at a later time...

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