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I had to update my profile since it was outdated. :) Yikes, I'm in my mid 30s! Scary!

My favorite movie is The Elephant Man (1980), which is based on the true story of Joseph (John) Merrick--a story of courage, which epitomizes human dignity and inner beauty.

My favorite shows are/were SouthLAnd, The OC, New Girl, Lucifer, Community, Archer, Law & Order: SVU, and Fresh Prince of Belair.

I have written OC fanfiction stories, and am in the process of updating them (and I also posted a new one recently). I re-watched the show last year for the first time in a decade (literally) and got my inspiration to write back. My career and personal life took many twists and turns and my schedule is still extremely hectic, but I'm back! I will try for the fans.

I love X-Men. I absolutely adore Hugh Jackman (in most of his movies - not just X-Men). He seems like that perfect mixture of incredible and diverse talent, good looks, depth, and excellent moral values. I probably won't be writing any X-Men fanfiction stories, but I definitely have enjoyed reading some! I love The Greatest Showman fanfiction, too!

Favorite Comic Book Characters (Movies and TV shows):

From X-Men: Logan/Wolverine, Marie/Rogue, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Ororo Munroe/Storm, and Kurt/Nightcrawler.

From Spiderman: I love Tom Holland's and Zendaya's portrayal of Peter Parker and MJ, and I love Ned.

From Gotham: Ed/Riddler, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Alfred, Lucius Fox, Penguin.

Favorite TV Character: Ryan Atwood (from The OC). Ben McKenzie's portrayal of him is very special to me for many reasons--some of which are personal and I won't explain on here. In general, I just greatly relate to the way Ryan was portrayed and acted.

Favorite relationships on The OC:

-Ryan/Sandy was my favorite relationship. I really relate to their bond.

-Ryan/Luke is my second favorite. I just adored their friendship so much!

-Ryan/Seth is my third favorite. They were funny. :)

-Ryan/Trey. I just love reading and writing fics about the Atwood brothers, and I enjoyed their interaction on the show.

-Seth/Anna. I just adored their friendship!

Favorite AU Couples on The OC:

Ryan and Anna and Ryan/Summer


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