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Unraveled by Makoyi - In PoA, Harry broke a cardinal rule of time travel. As years passed and the consequences of it rippled out from that point, time grew increasingly unstable until, as Harry realized he was facing death, continuity broke and time unraveled around him. Time Travel. Werewolves. PTSD. Therapy. Families of Choice. Forever Knight by DeliverMeFromEve - War, werewolves, wizards, death, the undead… Harry has his work cut out for him. And then there’s Hermione, who’s a different set of vamp-angst altogether. Though war and death has changed so much, Harry knows he could beat the odds of a bitter fate. Now he just has to make her believe it. WARNINGS: Lemons, Violence, Angst, Vampires, Harmony, Alternate Book 7. COMPLETE. Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn by BJH - Harry has defeated Voldemort and saved all the people he cares for, so why do they all hate him? More importantly, what will he do about it? Time Travel/Alternate Dimensions, Lemons.

Star Crossed by Stravo - Shortly after the events of The Empire Strikes Back, an Imperial sector fleet under the command of a Sith Lord named Darth Nemesis is transported to the Star Trek galaxy of the late 24th century. It turns out that they arrived in the middle of Borg space, and that they are not only in a different galaxy, but far in the future. Epic length (96 chapters) but Incomplete. Has a TVTropes page!

Conquest by Michael Wong - When the Federation starship USS Carolina chases a Jem'Hadar ship through a wormhole, it finds itself in The Galaxy Far Far Away. A galaxy dominated by a revived Empire under the control of the Solo siblings: Jacen, Jaina and Emperor Anakin. This is not a peaceful first contact situation for the Federation, you see, it seems that the Emperor has a small problem. He just crushed the Rebellion... he needs new enemies. Has a TVTropes page! PDF version here.

The Fedora Verse by itsxandy - An interesting AU version of Young Justice. Wally West is the newest, fastest thief in Central City. His biggest offense so far? Making crime look this good. Part 1: The New Kid on the Block. Part 2: Marathon. Part 3: Network. Has a TVTropes page! After by Feilyn - A nice -but angsty- Percy Jackson fic set after The Mark of Athena. She can remember thinking, four years ago now, that she didn’t know if it hurt more being with him, or without him. And every time the months and the distance stretches out a little further between them, she convinces herself that they’re definitely better apart. That a scarred heart is better than an open wound with him lodged inside it. And then they see each other again, and she’s pitched right back into that uncertainty. Three and a half years should be enough to get over a boy, shouldn’t it? A story of how Annabeth and Percy fell apart, and what it took to piece them back together. Whiteout by Subatomic_grape - Minor Young Justice AU. M’gann tries to ignore what she is, but after being forced back into her natural form every muscle in her body wants to go back to what feels powerful and comes naturally to her. It finally comes to a head when her team is threatened, and she is forced to choose between her shame, and their lives. Harry Potter and the God That Wasn't by Selador - In which Harry is self-exiled, travels, and has about the same amount of luck he's always had. Multi-Crossover. What's Past is Prologue by Steerpike13713 - The night before Quidditch try-outs in the Trio's fifth year, a mysterious magical accident takes place in the Gryffindor common room, transporting Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny back over a thousand years in time to a century of discord, persecution and tumult, where they lose their memories of their own time and become the Founders of Hogwarts. When another such occurrence returns them to a time they can no longer think of as their own, Godric, Helga, Salazar and Rowena must defeat Voldemort and overcome the divisions within the school they found of, while simultaneously trying to uncover the reason for their time-travel. To Recollect the Future by oliversnape - Hindsight is 20/20, but when Harry's last steps into the forest set him back further than he'd ever thought, he never realized how grateful he'd be to have Snape there to help too. Time Travel. Mentor!Snape. Harry Potter and the Soulmate Bond by Keira Marcos - Rescued from his Muggle relatives before the age of five, Harry Potter was raised abroad by his adoptive father, Lord Sirius Black. At sixteen, he returns to Britain to attend Hogwarts for his NEWTS and to meet the young witch who he’s known to be his soulmate since he was eight years old. Hermione finds the very foundations of her beliefs rocked when she comes face to face with her Fate in the form of Harry James Potter, the current Earl of Gryffindor. She’s drawn to his magical power and intelligence even as people around them try to interfere. She falls blindly into a relationship she’s emotionally ill-prepared for in the midst of giving up her last connection to the Muggle world and accepting an offer to be adopted by Minerva McGonagall. A fated love awaits them both — if they are brave enough to let magic lead the way. Warnings: Lemons, Language, Cliches and Character Bashing. Girls Night Out by chellerrific - A collection of stories focusing on the female members of Young Justice. Yes, they do fight like girls. Lost and Found by Kokopelli - The war is over. Voldemort is dead. Harry survived, Ginny didn't. Life goes on, but some times it takes a while to pick up all of the pieces. Part 1 & Part 2. Ghost of You by Sugarbubbleslove - A Harry/Hermione fic. With a promise broken and a promise unfulfilled...how far would you go for revenge? Legacy by Jezebot - Picking up right where "Thor: The Dark World" left off. Beware of spoilers! Heavy tie-ins of the Norse myths not mentioned in the movies, such as Loki's brood (made up of feisty teenagers and raging beasts). Synopsis: Lady Sif has been hiding a secret for 13 years, until Loki confronts her on it. She then is forced to deal with the consequences, a conflict of duty, loyalty, and desire. This story explores the dynamics within the royal family, Loki's offspring, and the Warriors 3. The story is written from Sif's and Loki's POV. It starts with Sif's and shifts gradually to Loki's, alternating along the way. Occasional guest POVs stuck in for fun. They Also Serve... by DaisyNinjaGirl - A short but sweet "Amazing Spider-Man" & "The Avengers" Crossover. It wasn't obvious to Peter at first, but there came a time as he moved through the night city that he realized he was noticed. Known. Spidey as the every-man's hero. The Peter Romanoff Series by Solo2814 - Part 1: Love is for Children - Written to fulfill a prompt at Spider-Kink: http:///1612.html?thread=405068#t405068: Natasha and Peter - It's not just a spider thing... It's a mother-son thing. Uncertain, but fierce Mama-Bear!Natasha and angst ensues. Her Story, and Everyone Else's by sithwitch13 - Part 1 - In which Darcy Lewis works for SHIELD, dates Spider-man and his issues, is roommates with Jessica Jones and her issues, befriends the Avengers she hasn't met yet, and generally manipulates the situation around her to better suit her expectations. Because that's how she rolls. - Part 2 - In which life as a SHIELD liaison isn't a James Bond-esque fantasy, being an adult sucks, and friends are valued. Coulson's Eleven by copperbadge - After Vanko destroyed the Stark Expo, SHIELD instituted a Superhuman Detention program, designed to capture and hold dangerous people -- dangerous people like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others who made themselves noticeable. The superhumans SHIELD has imprisoned -- and some SHIELD agents themselves -- have other ideas about what constitutes 'dangerous'... Unnoticeable by LullabyKnell - Bilbo Baggins is Unnoticeable. Most hobbits are, actually. He just has the strongest knack for it in the history of the Shire; so much so that before he got a handle on his abilities, a few hobbits didn't even believe he existed. This is the story of the adventure of an Unnoticeable hobbit who became Noticeable, and saved a company of dwarves along the way. Winds of Change Series by Sunflowerb - HTTYD 2 Spoilers - Part 1: The Cold North Wind - Valka had been prepared never to see her baby again. She had not been prepared to see him all grown up. - Part 2: Warm Summer Breeze - Astrid has always been fearless. Dragons and marauders and murderous deranged teenage Viking chiefs have never frightened her. There is no reason why something as benign as her boyfriend’s mother should be so terrifying to her. Business by esama - The Dursleys didn't raise Harry Potter to be a very good boy. Mildest of fusions with Sherlock Holmes.
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