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I'm Crazy, Lovable and hopefully cool. My two biggest obsessions right now are Star Wars and Night at the Museum and I happen to love the anime Zatch Bell as well. My favorite characters out of those three would have to be Han Solo for Star Wars, Jed from Night at the Museum and Kido from Zatch Bell.

I love playing field hockey. It's a kick butt sport that can cause you to get your butt kicked. I mean literally. Whether its getting hit with a stick, ball, or falling on astro turf its a painful sport. But soooo much fun


Im a girl in love with Star Wars...DEAL. Its cool to me. The originals are the best. And Han Solo is awesome. Practiacally cried when he was frozen in carbonite. Although it was more disturbing watching him being tortured prior to the freezing in carbonite.

Darth Maul is the best Sith. No questions asked thank you very much.

For all you fangirls who say you like Star Wars but only like it because you think Hayden Christiensen(aka Anakin Skywalker in 2 and 3) is cute...please stop. Dude cannot act his way out of a wet paper bag.

I hate C3PO mainly because he never knows when to shut up and he wrecked Han and Leia's first kiss.

Yoda=EPIC! What more can I say. The dude is cool.


Another one of my escapes when life starts to bug me. Pretty good movies...I actually preffered the 2nd over the first because I thought Kahmunrah made a better villain than the old as heck three stooges in the first film. Plus Darth Vader was in it. Which brings me to this point. Kahmunrah what the heck were you thinking? You are putting together and evil army and you don't want Darth Vader? So let me get this straight...You will take Napoleon Bonaparte the short as heck emperor of France who got his butt kicked in Russia because he marched there in the middle of winter in 1812...but you won't take Darth Vader?? Wow you have no concept of evil dude.

Onto my favorite Night At the Museum Character.

Jedediah is awesome. First off cowboys are cool. Period. No questions asked thank you very much. Second he's just cool ok? Especially in the second movie. I was three seconds away from throwing my popcorn at the movie theater screen when Kahmunrah dropped him in the hour glass.( I know this is a fictional movie for the most part but I would have been freaking out if that was me. Claustraphobic) The only thing that stopped me from throwing my popcorn was "I paid five bucks for this thing" I love how he pretty much keeps his cool while in the hourglass but when Kahmunrah says " I would save my breath if I were you, you don't have many left" you can see a small amount of panic...maybe even fear in the character. Which is something you might not expect from that character. Plus which when he and Octavius were escaping he let himself be captured rather than his friend. I would have done the same thing. So to me he's an epic character.

Oh and I really feel the need to do this because of the many people who have misspelled Jed's name. It's Jedediah! Ok Its an E after the first D not an I.

I didn't use to be an Octavius fan...but he's Jed's best friend and I have to admit it was pretty epic (and funny) when he rode in on the squirell.

OK I'm going to say this...I really really really don't like Jed/Octavius slash. Infact I think it destroys the wonderful brotherly relationship the two of them share in the movies. But that doesnt mean I think those of you who write it are bad writers...You may write it very well...I just don't think thats the way it should be.

Ugh It's going to be very hard for me to say anything positive about Kahmunrah other than he made a better villain. First off there is the rejecting Darth Vader thing. Then we have the dropping Jed in the hourglass. I will however say his lisp cracked me up. The I HAVE COME BACK TO LIFE!! Was funny too as well as the I CANT BELIEVE YOU REACHED YOUR HAND ACROSS LIKE THAT AGAIN! towards the end of the movie.

Look I know its not meant to be accurate but It's Ivan the Terrible for a reason dude. Not Ivan the Awesome. If there was an Ivan the Awesome I doubt that he would have murdered his son and his sons pregnant wife. I'm sorry I'm a history buff and I'm part Russian so I had to point that out.

I was very happy to see the Tuskegee Airmen in the 2nd movie. While they did very little I'm glad they were there.

Amelia Earhart. I'm happy they gave Larry a love interest. But i just don't think that one movie was enough time for it to develop. Especially when its only over the course of a few hours. And then they had th e Amelia Earhart look alike in the end. Which to a certain extent was pretty cool. But if they make a third movie I hope that she's in it and they just don't give Larry a different love interest in every movie like they did with Indiana Jones.


It was my first anime that I ever watched. I still love it. There will always be a place in my heart for Kido. He is and always will be my favorite mamodo. There was just something about him(even though most of my friends found him annoying) that I just liked. That's why I use him in my Zatch Bell story. I'm not saying I was too lazy to come up with my own OC...but I did want to pay homage to ZB by using at least one of its characters..and well why not my favorite? If I actually had a little brother I would want Kido to be my little brother!

I'm not going to lie...When I first started watching Zatch Bell in sixth grade I was the biggest Brago fangirl ever. :)

My Two Fan Characters(Original Characters)

Natalya Pushkin

Story:Home Is Where the Museum Is. Its a Night at the Museum fanfic

She's your average 15 year old girl who's staying with Nick Daley and his father Larry after being removed from her abusive father. She spends a fair amount of time at the museum of Natural history, most of it with Jedediah who's become like an older brother to her. She has a quiet disposition and rarely loses her temper. She doesn't have many friends outside of Nick and her her museum buddies.

OC #2 Nyanna

Story: Family Love and the Mamodo Battle. (Its a Zatch Bell fanfic)

A 16 year old mamodo, who lives in NYC with her book owner during the mamodo battle. She is kind and Llving. She fiercly protects those who she loves especially little kids. If something happens to someone she loves she will automatically blame herself. She's very outgoing and loves challenges. Her parents died in the village fire in the mamodo world and she was forced to live in a orphanage for three years until the battle. She may look like a brown haired Taylor Swift but don't let that fool you. She will fight to the death if you threaten anyone she is close to.

I love writing family oriented strories. They're my favorite kind! I like leaving cliffhangers, especially really dramatic ones. I've been told that thats annoying.


Portrait of Natalya http:///#/d2uaxdr

Picture of Natalya and Jed http:///#/d2wg9xy

Picture of Natalya and Peter http:///#/d2xmbqg


Nyanna and Kido http:///#/d2z2w14

Picture of Nyanna http:///#/d2z2vme

QuickSketch Nyanna Portrait http:///#/d2z2u7n

Mizera Ryaku(Nyanna's Blade Wing spell) http:///gallery/#/d2z5eoz

Nyanna and Eric http:///gallery/#/d2z5ezh

Drex http:///gallery/#/d2za37j

Kieva http:///gallery/#/d2za3fg

Nyanna and Stripes http:///gallery/#/d2za3wj

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