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Hello! First, I would like to thank everyone who added me and my stories on their favorite and follow alert list.

Second, I publish one shots/drabbles every now and then; when the fluff monster hits me, but otherwise no promises.

General info you should know:

I am: Asian. In college. Ageless.

Favorite Pairings: Ichiruki (My OTP); Fuu x Mugen; Momoi x Aomine (though I never read or seen the series lol)

Favorite Character of all time: Rukia (ofc, she's my Queen)

I also have a tumblr, so if you wanna follow: . :D

DISCLAIMER: BLEACH and its characters that are used in my fics belong to Tite Kubo. The story ideas are, however, mine. SO DO NOT FUCKING STEAL. Thanks.

Finished Stories

Title: How long is forever? Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete! Summary: “I think forever is being with someone you love, that can make brighten your day with just one smile…even in the afterlife.” One-shot. AU. Title: Jealousy Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: Among lovers one would always end up being crazily jealous, even if they don't know it and one would end up feeling frustrated and just beat the crap out of that someone. A story about how Ichigo and Rukia faces this challenge called 'jealousy'. Title: Would You Rather Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: A simple game of choosing two options: "Would you rather have me stay in Soul Society or stay here? 'With you,' she silently added in thought. Title: Epiphany Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: "Who's prettier...": A question that will forever hunt Ichigo and make him realize an entirely new feeling. Rated T for language. Title: Save me Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: The only time Rukia will ever use these two words. Rated T for language. Title: Heartbeat Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: Sometimes a strong shinigami has to bear their weakness even if it means revisiting their past. "Do you hear that?" he asked softly, her ear pressed on his chest, "I'm still alive." Rated T for language. Title: Little Boy Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: Ichigo vs little boy: “I don’t know if I’m jealous of you for hogging Rukia’s attention today or if you’re a blessing in disguise,” he said to the little boy. Rated T for language. Title: Flawless Rated: K Chapter(s): Complete Summary: He will never understand. Title: Failed Attempts Rated: T Chapter(s): Complete Summary: Originally his plan was to sabotage their relationship, but ended up accomplishing something else: "All that boy really needed was a little push.” Rated T for language.

Discontinued Stories

Title: Catch me when I fall Pairings: UlquiorraXRukiaXIchigo Rated: T Summary: AU. When she loses her first love, Rukia must face the painful road of moving on. When she stumbles, she needs someone to catch her...Ichigo/Rukia/Ulquiorra Note: DISCONTINUED Title: On a journey to you Chapters: 1 out of 3 Rated: T Summary: A story about 3 best friends who were inseparable ever since junior high, but everything starts to change when one of them had to move away.Along the way they must face challenges, choosing between love and friendship. AU. IchigoXRukiaXUlquiorra
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