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nightmaster000 is the name reading fanfic's is the game, and i'm a guy if you're curious.

I think one my favorite stories to read outside of crossovers are AU stories. My top favorites kinds of AU is where one of the good guy's end up becoming a villian or at least darker. I also enjoy well written stories and stories with long chapters, as well as stories with plenty of humor.

I like lot's of cartoons, animes, and video games, soo many that we would be here all day if i listed all of them.

I also enjoy webcomics such Bleedman's work's Grim Tales From Down Below, Sugar Bits, and Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi or PPGD for short. Which despite what there based on are much darker and mature than the cartoons. For instance people have died in the comics but they are very enjoyable and recommend them if you haven't read already. I also enjoy 8-bit theater very funny stuff.

I have become a HUGE fan of a fandom created by Lord Maximus known as GrimmFall it's just so brilliant! It also has many oneshots, side stories, and movie arcs connected to the main story created by not just Maximus but other authors as well. If your curious here's some links to the group, wikia, and tv trope.

https : // grimmfall - fanfiction . fandom . com/wiki/GrimmFall_Wiki

https : // tvtropes . org / pmwiki /pmwiki . php / Fanfic / GrimmFall

(Remove the spaces if you want to check out the latter two sites.)

I've also submitted my own OC Nyx as part of GrimmFall who i'm proud at how far she's come since I first though her up. Which here is some information about Nyx at least from the GrimmFall verse, just her appearance and personality the rest can be found on the page of her wikia entry.

https : // grimmfall - fanfiction . fandom . com /wiki / Nyx_Kane

Name: Nyx

Appearance: Nyx first appeared as a twelve year old human girl with tanned skin, light purple hair and magenta colored eyes. She wears black combat boats, black and purple leggings, a black double layer skirt, a simple black T-shirt and a half length black jacket with white fur lining on the edges and cuffs.

When she grew older in the Pillow World she wore a black jacket over a blue cropped shirt that hugged her body, black trousers that were slightly torn and black and blue boats. Her purple hair stopped just at the bottom of her neck and was tied into a messy pony tail.

After spending her time from the Pillow World and resurrected as the Lady of Chaos, Nyx is now a young woman with a curvaceous figure, her hair longer than her body. Her skin now pale with white tattoos running up arms and ribs. Wears a tank top with no sleeves and was tight enough to show her developed chest, her midriff exposed and wearing black leather pants, a red belt with a knife attached to it and high heeled shoes, her lips purple like her hair.

In the non-canon alternate timeline future story by zeroth17 Nyx is a adult possessing white hair with violet streaks, dark purple eyes, black lipstick, and a black Egyptian marking under her left eye and on her left cheek. She wears a leather dress with three belts on her midriff in a corset-like fashion, a hole in the chest area exposing her chest, white robe-like sleeve, black fingerless gloves, and tall black boots.


Nyx is a strong willed mischievous tomboy who just want's to have fun, and is always up for it. She has a strong disdain for being bored and anything that would cause it for her. She has a habit of being sarcastic at times and sometimes enjoys mocking people in either good fun or to mess with them if their on her bad side. She also enjoys causing some mischief and pulling prank's. Which may lead to her getting into or causing trouble, chaos, and property damage.

As well as lead to her looking for a good fight, messing with people, and watching/spying on thing's or people she find's entertaining or interesting. Nyx possibly thanks to the influence of some people in her life growing up such as Pacifica, Pericles, and even Klarion, has developed quite a cunning trickster side to herself as well. As she is capable of either thinking up plans on the fly or coming up with preparation more long term plans. As well as possessing the will to see them through. Nyx is someone who is very protective and caring of those she see's as friends and family, willing to do anything for them. So much so she has shown that she is even willing to do questionable things, cross lines, or go to extreme lengths for herself and her loved ones that they themselves might not agree with, especially if it's for what she sees as their benefit. As shown with the hypnotic commands implanted in her sister Tamby by Professor Pericles to keep her happy and unaware of her little sisters activities, as well as her killing the sleeping elderly Hoagie so his soul would travel to the new body she created for him. She also shown to be capable of holding deep grudges against those that hurt her or betray her trust, as exampled with her mother Lana Kane.

As even as the years passed in Pillow Word, Nyx never let go of her resentment, anger, and hatred towards her mother, if anything it only grew stronger. Nyx despite the mischief she might enjoy causing unlike her 'teacher' Klarion, she doesn't want innocent people getting seriously hurt or worse because of her mischief or Chaos, partially because of a fear of becoming like him in the process. She also because of her forced bounding and apprenticeship to Klarion at age seven, has become someone who loves and greatly values freedom. This has in turn lead to her embracing any form of outlet she feels can give her a taste of freedom again, such as her mischief, her desire for and seeking out fun, either art or acting, or even ironically magic.

As despite the circumstances with Klarion that lead to learning Chaos Magic in the first place she has a love and passion for magic that a large part of her can't deny.

The rest you can find on her wiki page but if you curious the original and first version of Nyx bio I created can be found below, and you can see she's come quite a way's since than.

Name: Nyx

Species: Human though because of her powers, and her love for mischief some may think she isn't human, or fully human at least.

Gender: female

Age: 10

Titles: Student of Chaos, Witch Girl, Crazy Brat ( you can add your own titles for her to use, or for people to call her)

Appearance: Look's exactly like Sari from Transformers Animated only with light purple hair and dark purple eyes. She wear's black combat boot's, black and purple stockings (like what Jinx wears), a black double-layer skirt, a simple black T-shirt, and a half-length leather jacket with white fur lining on the edge's and cuff's. The clothes come from the transformers story My Big Sister the Spider. If your interested the author has a link to a some picture on his profile showing what Sari look's like with them on. Nyx keep's her hair in pigtail's like Sari.

Abilities: Nyx is a chaos magic user. She uses the same style of magic Klarion uses in Young Justice. Only her energy is purple not red. While she isn't a Lord or in her case Lady of Chaos like Klarion. She is still a very powerful magic user despite her young age. She is for all intents and purposes a prodigy when it comes to the art of magic. Nyx is also agile, good at acrobatics and stuff like that. Think like Jinx.

Personality/Likes: Nyx is a real tomboy who just want's to have fun, and despises being bored. She has a habit of being sarcastic at times. She really enjoy's causing mischief, and pulling prank's. She's alway's looking to have a good time. Sadly for everyone else her idea's for fun are, causing chaos, causing property damage, a good fight, messing with people, and watching/spying on thing's, or people she find's entertaining, or interesting. She also enjoy's mocking people, and giving people she know's friend or foe nicknames. ( If you want a comparison think like what 625 from Lilo and Stitch does to Gantu, and what Toph from Avatar does to most of the other Avatar characters)

Despite the Chaos she enjoy's causing. Nyx has yet to kill or seriously hurt anyone. In fact she usually tries her best to make sure something like that doesn't happen. Nyx once told Klarion she will lose a toy to play with if she does kill someone or damage them to much. But the truth is Nyx doesn't like killing. She will only kill if she has no other option, if it's necessary, or if she think the person in question truly does deserve to be killed. So far Klarion is the only person Nyx really want's to kill.

Flaw's: Being skilled in magic at a young age has given Nyx a bit of a ego. After spending practically her whole life being Klarion's servant/slave/lacky her freedom is one of the things she values most. As such she really doesn't like following anyone else's orders other than her own. Though if she care's enough for the person giving the orders like Ying, respect's them enough, or giving a good reason on why she should follow orders she might listen. Nyx's love for causing trouble can get her into serious trouble, or on the bad side of certain people. Nyx loves causing Chaos, or trouble for people no matter who they are.

Origin's: Their's a reason why Nyx loves Chaos and uses the same style of magic as Klarion. She is/was Klarion's apprentice. Klarion sensed her potential for magic when she was still a baby and decided she could be useful. He killed her parents (you can decide how) and the rest is history. You can either have her still be Klarion's apprentice when you bring her into the story, or have her already left Klarion to forge her own path. As for why she would have betrayed Klarion. While she was his student their relationship was more like master and servent than anything else. So maybe you could have Nyx finally have enough, and decide it's time for the teacher and student to part way's. She could find out what happen to her parents, and how she came into Klarion's care later in story. She than could vow vengeance.

Goal's: Like everyone else Nyx has certain goal's she want's to reach (you can add some other goal's she might have if you want)

To make a name for herself, and go down in history.

To become one of the most powerful magic users in history.

To cause Chaos.

To have fun.

To defeat Klarion once and for all.

Prove that Chaos isn't all bad like most people think.

To change the World. In Nyx's own worlds change is just another form of chaos.

To find true friend's, and maybe a family. Despite the fact she's usually happy and mischievous Nyx is lonely. The only true friend she has is her familiar Ying. While she does care for him deeply she long's for more.

Nyx's familiar Ying. Like Klarion has Teekl Nyx has Ying. Unless someone can talk to animal's, or has some other ability that let's them understand Ying. Nyx is the only that can talk too and understand Ying.

Name: Ying

Gender: Male

Species: Eagle

Personality: Ying is the opposite of Nyx calm, mature and strict. While Ying does follow any order from his mistress faithfully. He also does his best to keep her out of trouble. Sadly as history show's he doesn't have the best luck with that.

Appearance: Look's like Hannibal's Ying Ying bird from Xiaolin Showdown.

Abilities: Ying can change into a battle form. That look's like a muscular birdman on steroids, with very sharp wings on his back. Ying can also assume the forms of other birds to disguise himself. As long as their close to his normal body shape. Ying can bypass almost practially any security from high tech to magic lock's. Ying is one of the method's Nyx can use to spy on people. Like Ying Ying bird from Xiaolin Showdown Ying has the ability to project images from his memory into space like video. Once he see's something all he has to do is report to his mistress.

Also have a idea to go with Nyx having a bit of a ego part. Ying feed's her idea's letting her think she's coming up with them (through massive ego gymnastics) when it's really him feeding the info to her. Maybe he should roll his eye's too, like her ego grates him slightly but since he's her friend and he care's for her he put up with it.

I just want to make something clear on Ying feeding her idea's. I just want to be clear Nyx can also come up with her own plan's. She's not the kind of incompetent who relies on someone else to come up with all the idea's. After all I don't think you could be raised by a Lord of Chaos without learning to be cunning yourself. It's just Ying would/could come up with idea's too. Know what I mean?

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