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update: 27/12/23: i hope everyone had a merry Christmas, even if its late to mention it as we move closer to the new year. Currently working on my Fairy’s Blade story, looking for any colab writers or help that be a big help. also not that im not taking requests for stories as I'm currently tied up with real life so busy.

Hi to all viewers and writers, just to let you know I wont reveal much of my identity on this website, obviously to play safe and to avoid being trolled by idiots or someone trying to claim the credit. But anyways I joined this website out of interest of doing fanfics of my favourite franchises, get along with other members and maybe involved with some idea discussion and collaborating. But what you can know about my real life is I am illustrator and writer, wanting to write science fantasy stories for a career as I really got into them. Here you will find lists of things I have put in, obviously some stuff to work on my profile and not all will be mentioned of my favourites, as some I might have missed out or forgotten.

Anyway I will write down ideas and stuff for stories anyone would be interested in as I cannot do all at the same time with important things to do in life like work, earn money for food, drinks and clothing that sort but if you like any I have or suggestions please PM me. I do a lot of crossovers as I like to work on some that seem to work well or try anything new!

You may know I am part of a community for fanfic writers of the growing GrimmFall series, you can find it on the wiki and trope:

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Ok so here are a list of projects if some are willing to take on for challenges, not a lot of them but if you are interested in the ideas or collaboration, please PM me.

Ideas I thought would be an interesting challenge:

1. Allo Allo Blackadder

It is the World War 2, Edmund Blackadder and his idiot friends have been assigned on a crazy suicidal to retrieve the brave stranded airmen in the town of Nouvion, with the help of the unlikely group of resistance.


Talon, the son of Sora and Kairi longed for be something like his parents after listening to their adventures and becoming a keyblade wielder himself. But was suddenly pulled away from his home by Master Yen Sid when attacked by a mysterious evil, once sealed from the time of the Keyblade Wars once sealed have been freed and he was chosen among others (Ben and Mal) as the new generation to master the blades and protect a powerful ancient magic from the Magix Dimension from falling into the wrong hands. (no mary sues, god mode, over powered or whatever, just a basic character build up.)

ocXsmall harem (optional but nothing massive and to be difficult)

army of darkness would be Grimm from RWBY in place of Heartless


Description on oc characters coming soon.

army of darkness be Grimm from RWBY in place of the Heartless

Now available on Wattpad https:///user/GretahnArchive

5. Acceleracers x Motorcity

can be set after the canon series or a set in Hotwheels verse.

Summery: The Burners are a racing team who left Detroit to follow Jacob after he received a mysterious call and learn much more about his past and involvement with the famous scientist Dr. Tezla, they team up with two other racing teams: Metal Maniacs and the Teku for a very important mission, to race through the inter dimensional realms and win powerful accelerchargers before the Racing Drones and Gelorum win them all to destroy life as they know it.

6. Sekirei

Summery: We all know about the Sekirei and ashikabi, but what about those who came from the other ships that settled on Earth and their descendants, a hybrid race of Human and Sekirei who became a new race and inherited their powers. Some wanted peace, but others believe themselves to be the potential apex race of Eartha nd consider Humans too dangerous and the Sekirei found by MBI to lack the potential after being raised by their 'captors'. Referring to themselves as the Dragons with their gifts.

Total Drama Series

Heather Extra confessional TDI (must watch)

Amazon DJ and Lindsay Bonus

Gwen Jamaica Bonus

Noah's Drop of Shame

Owen Newfoundland Bonus


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