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I am a freshman in high school who loves to write. That's pretty much it...

Edit: I'm actually a sophomore in high school now. [Edit to the edit: I'm a junior. It's almost summer as I write this (5/22/14), so I may very well be a senior by the time you read this...] {Edit to the...etc.: I am now a senior. moving up in the world...} Apparently I don't get to stay the same age forever. Go figure. But I think I was 13 or 14 when I started writing Never Let You Go. I'm rambling now. Back to the profile...

Let's see...

I like reading fan fictions for:

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Favorite character: Olivia Benson. Other favorites: Elliot Stabler, Dr. George Huang (Love him.), Jack O'Halloran *sobs, Captain Don Cragen, Rafael Barba, Casey Novak, Alex Cabot, Fin Tutuola, John Much, Dr. Melissa Warner, and pretty much everyone else, I guess! My SVU dream team: Cragen as Capt.; Detectives Benson, Stabler, Munch, & Tutuola; Resident Shrink, Dr. Huang; M.E., Dr. Warner; Tech/CSU/Computers, Reuben Morales & Jack O'Halloran; and a Prosecutor tag-team of Barba, Casey, and Alex. That would make me so unimaginably happy.

Criminal Minds

Favorite character: Dr. Spencer Reid, of course! ships: not many. Some I can handle more than others. I heartily approved of Maeve (thanks a lot, CBS. I'll only be scarred for ten years to life...). Before Will, I shipped Reid/JJ, but now I don't. I could maybe see Reid/Prentiss. She's my second favorite character. However, I won't do Hotch/Reid/Morgan/Rossi/Gideon or any combination thereof. I simply cannot see it. At all. It's not a political thing. It's a character thing.

White Collar

Favorite character: Neal Caffrey. Such an amiable fellow! :) ships: Peter/Elizabeth (duh). Neal/Sara. Though, I usually don't read fics that pair Neal with anyone. I just need the friendship, man. All of the friendship.


Favorite character: Well, it was Zach, and then they ruined it for me. Stupid writers. Now I like them all, but I only like reading fan fics about Brennan herself. Ships: B&B (Brennan/Booth), Hodgela, Cam/Arastoo, Sweets/NotDaisy.


Favorite character: Shawn. I love his antics. Ships: Shules (Shawn/Juliet). I. Love. Them. So. Much. Also, Gus and that one chick. You know. The one with the kid. What was her name? Rachel? Anyway, I liked them. Also, i love Buzz McNabb. And also Lassie. And Mary Lightfoot. And everyone, really.


Favorite character: it wrong to say I like House the best? I guess my favorite is Wilson, but House is the most INTERESTING. My House "Dream Team": House, Thirteen, Chase, Cameron, Park, Kutner [sobs, Taub. Ships: House/Cuddy. Huddy all the way, and no one else with either of them. (However, I do think Cuddy made a good choice in leaving after the whole car incident. Hated thatplot line...). I also give some support to: Chase/Cameron. Chase/Park. House/his greencard wife. (His desperate House-wife! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa...haaaa...). After the whole Season 8 thing, I started trying to see House with other people. I got close (Cameron, 13, maybe Addams, but not really...), but the only one I could really see happening was House and his "wife," whose name I cannot recall. They seemed to have fun together and get along as husband/wife, in a Housian way...


Favorite character: Sherlock. Who doesn't like Sherlock? Ships: Joanlock (Joan/Sherlock), though I also would not mind if they were just friends. However, I do not like Mycroft/Joan. I just... I dunno, I can't see it. I've been programmed to at least slightly dislike Mycroft, and I usually take Sherlock's side on instinct. Plus, dating your best friend/roommate/partner's hated brother? Not cool. I can also SORTA see Joan/Bell, but I prefer Joanlock or no ship at all.


Favorite character: Sherlock again! Sherlock Holmes is always one of those characters that don't seem loveable on the surface, with all their pride and such, but somehow that only makes us love them more... Ships: John/Mary (mostly). Not Johnlock. Sorry, guys. I just can't do it.


Favorite character: Nick. I also love Monroe, Juliette, Rosalie, Hank, Trubel, and... Yeah, pretty much everyone. Ships: Nick/Juliette, Monrosalie, and occasionally Reynard/Adalind. When she's not being a complete and total ...witch. So, for, like, three episodes.


Favorite character: Charlie. I'm a nerd lover every time. :) Ships: Larry/Meghan, Charlie/Amita, Don/Terri (an old one, I know. I never got too far into the series, so I never met any other love interests for Donny Dear.)

The Mentalist

Favorite character: Patrick Jane. Another "interesting" character like House, Sherlock, and Sherlock. :) Though I don't read fan fiction about him, I also really really love Cho. He is so awesome. Ships: Jisbon (Jane/Lisbon), Rigspelt (Rigsby/Van Pelt).

Covert Affairs

Favorite character: Annie, though Annie and Auggie are pretty much tied. I ship it. :) I prefer to read/write fan fiction about Annie, but with plenty of Auggie thrown in. (And some Joan, too!) I also really like Arthur. And Eyal (though he stresses me out with his awesomeness, since I ship Auggie/Annie...). And Chloe and Katia. And...okay, like everyone, I guess. Ships: A/A (Annie/Auggie), Joan/Arthur.


Favorite character: Mike. I like me some Mike and Harvey friendship, with Donna as their adult supervision. :) Ships: Mike/Rachel (though I still think he needs to be faithful to Jenny whilst they are together. Just because they aren't my favorite pairing doesn't mean he can go all polygamist on us!)

Downton Abbey

Favorite characters: Mr. Bates, Anna, Matthew, William, Violet (the Dowager Countess?), and Isobel (Matthew's mother). And others, too, I'm sure. I also liked Gwen. Favorite pairings: Mary/Matthew. Anna/Bates. I refuse to watch anything after season 3. I just can't do it. I'm sure it's still good, but I can't bring myself to care about the show anymore. :(


I just started watching. Of course, I binge watched them at night, so after about 6 episodes I was seriously contemplating leaving my bed to fetch the holy water. Honestly, they're like a miniature horror film per-episode! Favorite character: Sam. I like Dean a lot, too, but Sam's my favorite.

Harry Potter

Notice it's the only non-TV show on the list. That's because I tend to see books and movies as having a more strict canon, where TV shows can be messed with, because the characters and premise are the only things that are usually the same per-episode. However, HP is what introduced me to the world of fan fiction, and so I would be remiss if I didn't read it from time to time. I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter, but not always necessarily reading the fan fics. I have found a couple good ones in the past, but I'm not patient enough to sift through the rest to find more. I do write Potter fan fiction with my friends in my spare time, but we use OC's in them. I know, I know, nobody likes to read about other people's OC's, but they're fun to write! I've found that there are a lot of things I can't stand reading about, but later realize I incorporate them into my own stories. I guess I'm just a hypocrite. Sorry! :) favorite characters: Ooooh, that's a toughie. On one hand, Harry is clearly amazing and I love him, but it seems cheap to pick the titular character as a favorite. It'd be like saying my favorite book is the one that I wrote myself. Other than the main characters, I ADORE Luna and Neville (though I accept their lack of relationship), all Weasleys, Professor McGonagall, Ravenclaw House, Hufflepuff (though I'm a Ravenclaw or a Ravenpuff at heart), Ginny, the Quidditch team (all the Gryffies in quidditch seem pretty cool. Except Cormac.) and many more! Ships: pretty much just the canon. With a bit of speculation where called-for.

Plus the occasional random other things. Currently I am mostly reading Criminal Minds, White Collar, and Elementary, but I still love them all! I suppose I'm a bit of a crime show addict, although it strangely isn't the criminal aspect that appeals to me. It's all about the characters, and figuring them out, layer by layer. I think that's why I tend to read fics in which my favorite character is injured; not because I'm sadistic (debatable...) or like seeing them hurt, but because I like to see the character's reactions and the reactions of the other characters.

Anyway, moving on...

I love reading and writing, and I love that FF is a place we can come together and do both, all whilst increasing the Fandom!


blahbitty blahbitty blah...

ANYWAY, thanks for stopping by my profile. I hope you enjoy whatever you find here...


Wait, I never actually talked about my stories!

Brief rundown:


Law and Order: SVU.

Pairings: Pretty much just Elliot/Olivia

Warnings: Not many. No swearing, not even mildly. No potential triggers that I can think of. No yucky details in the romance (or even hinting, really). The only thing I can think of is that there is a bit of violence. Honestly, it's a lot cleaner than the actual show.

I wrote this when I was in like... 8th grade, I think. I still like the plot and everything, but I now realize just how cheesy it was. :) Ah, well.

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