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Hey! I am from the US and I really hate it here. Every place has the same culture, same ideas, it's too redundant. I want to travel all over the world. St. Petersburg, Sydney, all over Paris,London,Sweden, Tokyo, Shang Hai, Alaska, Hawaii, the Carribean, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Rome, Barcelona, and Germany are all places I want to visit. If anyone has been to those places I would so appreciate it if you could tell me about your experiences and even send me pictures. I can't go yet but I still want to know about these places and internet researches aren't exactly the same as real experiences. It would be amazing to incorporate these places in my stories, and who knows? maybe I will be inspired!

My parents are divorced and my dad remarried. I have half-sister who is four years old and a total nutter. My mom came here from Greece so I have loads of family over seas. Totally crazy, love to party, and all really close to each other.

I like reading, writing, singing, dancing, and helping animals. I wish I could draw so that I could really capture the essence of nature but I am much better with words. My favorite: color-purple, flower-peony, hobby-designing, and I am sure I have a bunch of other favorites but I can't think of any right now. Something I am really interested in learning is everything about edible plants. I really enjoy the idea of how Native Americans lived; always respecting and caring for nature, always getting everything from the earth. I also think medicinal herbs are cool and I research different recipes for stuff like that. Recently I've read really great books by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, and she is now one of my favorite authors. my favorite author on this website is dontstealmyvitaminies and if you haven't read her stories yet you really need to, she is a fantastic novelist.

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