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I Love You, Mahal na mahal Kita, Anata o Aishite, Te Quiero (amo), Je t'aime, Aku cinta kamu, Kuv hlub koj, Tôi yêu các bạn, Wǒ ài nǐ, neol salanghae,
Ich liebe dich, P̄hm rạk khuṇ...ect

Different ways to say I love You to someone

Can make a Lot of changes in your life


GrayLu Fan Moto:

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Card Captor SakuraSyaoran X Sakura


• Racing Hearts By Dkwolves: What planet are you on little blossom? "Sakura turned and glowered at the person. Her glare turned into a surprise. She blushed. Syaoran smirked at the pink faced girl. "Like what you see?" he teased. Sakura face reddened even more and looked away. He chuckled and winked before walking back into the kitchen.

Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Humor

Fairy Tail:) Gray X Lucy

• Lies and Love By the dreamer: Gray lost his heart 5 years ago. Lucy, a mother, loves the children she had 5 years ago. Gray meets 2 children who looks exactly like him & were born 5 years ago. So what happened 5 years ago? Two people know: Lucy, but not Gray.

Rated: T

Genre: Romance/Drama

Status: Complete

Fairy Tail Version: I Know I Can Make You Beg By aShen-aUrora:

"I know I can make you beg."

An amused brow arched at that seemingly innocent statement. Gray Fullbuster, an ice mage extraordinaire stared at the pair of chocolate brown orbs glaring defiantly right back at him. Sighing almost inaudibly he brought the cup of shave ice down onto the small plate with a 'clang'. "I'm sorry… What did you just say?" the man asked in an incredulous manner. Never did he think that his innocent wife of two years would even think to say such words.

"You heard me. I know I can make you beg." Lucy Fullbuster fumed, slightly perturbed at how her husband still seemed unfazed at her words and with a haunting smirk to boot. "Gray! Your clothes!" Gray loosed his cool and squeal, "When did that happen.." As soon as he found his clothes...

"And what pray tell… made you say such a thing like that?" Gray inquired coolly as he crossed his arms over his chest in amusement. Lucy sighed as she settled back into her seat wearing a tight fitting silken dress with one of her husbands white collar shirts over top.

Needless to say, it took all of Gray's willpower not to pounce on his wife then. However, he was quite sure that he wouldn't want an earful from master Macarov the second he reached the guild.

Rated: M

Genre: Romance/Humor

Status: Complete

A Ride To Remember By nexa alex:

A blonde haired girl was running a hallway of a very sophisticated block of apartments, until she stopped in front of a door and rang the doorbell. Ding, Dong!

"I'm coming!" Someone inside shouted. From the tone of voice, deep and strong, people can tell it was a man.

A young man opened the door, his messy raven hair dripping water, his very well-built chest and fantastic 6 pack slightly wet, and only wearing a pair of loose, low waist jeans, with the top of his dark blue boxers visible.

"Sorry, I was in the shower…"

She was staring at his amazing body 'what I would do with you right now, Gray Fullbuster!', and she blushed at her thought.

"You can be having a great time staring at me out there, but I think you can still stare at me inside. Come in." he said with his sexy smirk.

"What can I say? I like what I see…" was her reply brushing her hand in his waist and entering the house, making her way to his living room.

"You know, you look great tonight." He said while his eyes wondered all over her body.

Rated: M

Genre: Romance/Humor

Status: Complete


The Other Man By Emma Darcy and MizevilBlossoms:

The sex had been too crude, too fast. Gray had meant to woo her, win back her trust. Lucy's fear of him had been intolerable, a barrier he'd had to break, though he'd lost sight of that aim as Lucy's tension had collapsed into tears.

Holding her in his arms again—impossible not to remember how it had once been with her, stirring the urge to make her remember, too.

Show her, kiss her… like before the betrayal ever happened.

He hadn't anticipated the fierce response.

Given Lucy's hostility—justified hostility—what was behind her burst of passion? Gray couldn't believe it was a raging desire for him. Though there was no doubting she had wanted the sexual connection, responding to it all the way. That certainly hadn't changed. But was it enough to build on?

It had to be because there was no going back to a more careful courtship. Besides, it would be better for Grey and Grayson to have both parents as a constant in their life. And it would prove his own commitment to fatherhood to Lucy, removing her fear of a temporary and possibly damaging casual involvement with his sons. So best that he speak now, before her mind get active against him again.

Lucy's head was resting over Gray's heart. He wound a long tress of her soft blonde hair around his hand to hold her there. He told himself she could not be more vulnerable to the idea than she was at this moment with both of them naked and intimately entwined, reinforcing what they could and did share.

It would come out badly, but dressing it up with feelings she might scorn could very well tip the scales in a very negative fashion. She wouldn't trust emotions. Working from her reaction seemed the most viable option he had to use reason and do it convincingly.

Trying to keep the enormous tension he felt out of his voice, Gray simply announced what he was aiming for.

"I want you to marry me."

Marry him…


• Fairy Tail Gang Love By Little Wolf LOVER: What happens when a lonely rich girl gets caught up in a world of ACTION, RIVALRY, PARTYING AND LOVE when she meets the ICY HOT dangerous Gray Fullbuster of Fairy Tail. GrayLu, JeRza, LyoVia, NaLi, GaLe...COMING SOON

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