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Hello World

The only reason you would be reading this is probably if I commented on one of your stories. I loooove to read, but, unfortunately, can't really come up with a good enough story on my own, although I believe I'm a GREAT editor and can really pick apart sentences and grammar. Soooo If you need an editor just ask ;D.

A little about myself: I am a 20 year old fangirl, totally dorky, I admit it, but who on here isn't? I am currently in college hoping to finish a double major of Graphic Design and Marketing. My roommate got me hooked on this website and I totally regret it as I can't tear myself away! My name, you would know if you listened to the right music tehehehe.

Anyways, Thanks to all you writers, I am really thankful for your talents as they entertain me (and distract me) much!

Happy writing!

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