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Luv anyone who is reading this page. ;D

I'm 16. Sweet sixteen. Yay!

Well I kind of like READING fanfics more than WRITING them. --I like working with my eyes more than with my brain. Haha, just kidding. Actually I don't have a very creative mind to write anything.

But I like to REVIEW. FYI, I always review stories that I read - as long as they are not so bad and unendurable-. I think it's fair to at least give someone some feedback after they -wreck their brain- to write something for ya to read. Writing is not easy, ppl know that. Every author - fanfiction creator- surely need yer support to keep up their works and writing a review doesn't take very much of yer time, rite?

If I reviewed a story and then come back to review it again -if it's updated, of course-, that means I really really like that story. Cuz I'm very sorry to say that I only continue to read what makes me really interested. -and I 'intensely' dislike dirty fanfiction-

Oh, if ya know any good fanfic, ya can recommend me. I will be really thankful. Most fanfics I read here were recommended by my friends.

xoxoxoxoxoxox (These symbols remind me of Gossip Girls, haha)

I like Twilight... not. I have no idea why ppl go so crazy for it. The series is not that good and interesting, although I pretty like Vampires' stories. --Twilight is OVERRATED. -Don't try to change my mind-

I luv Harry Potter. The books are just so so goooddd. I may never get bored of reading HP.

I have read so many mangas that I cannot even list all of their names or remember them. O.O

I luv animes and cartoons. -Who will not?-

I HATE YAOI. - I'm not a homophobe but boy(s) x boy(s), excuse me!-

I may be more mature than my age can tell ya. -Some ppl told me so-


Recently I start to like DETECTIVE CONAN. I read DC a long time ago but I was not so much interested in it - Well, I was a kid at that time. A kid likes scary stories and killing, me? Not possible-. So I've just watched DC anime and reread the manga since like, 2 months ago. I think DC is a very great manga now, haha.

Characters I like in DC: Vermouth( so mysterious and impressive), Haibara ( pretty cool and unpredictable), Gin (He's hot n cold, XD, luv his silver hair), & Shinichi (He's handsome, smart, & quick-witted)

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