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Here is my life in a nutshell: I have a large student debt, stress galore, emotional problems up the wazoo, and a crappy retail job. What I do not have anymore is free time. Really, it's true. I used to think people who said that were exaggerating, but truly I have so little time to do the things I want (like write) that I consider myself lucky to get an hour of writing done a week. Consider it takes me roughly an hour to write half a page, that most of my chapters are 15 pages, most stories 10-15 chapters long, and you can figure out why I haven't updated for awhile. That being said, here is my FINAL word on 'Uncharted Territory': YES - I do know people want me to finish it, Yes - I do know it's been a LONG time, Yes - I do hope to one day have enough time/money to work on it, and NO NO NO! I don't know when that will be. I appreciate all the encouragement, really I do, but to put it plainly: the story will NOT be continued, until such time as I can devote the necessary energy to it that it deserves. As such, I've decided to stop replying to any e-mails regarding that story (I have to conserve time where I can), and if you're really keen, you'll just have to continue being patient (I really am sorry, but circumstances must).
If you're truly desperate for some of my writing, I am working sporadically on a Buffyverse, Spike/Xander mpreg (yeah, I've lost my mind), which will not be posted here due to certain restrictions, and for which I would be happy to provide an address.
I am, as always, greatly humbled by your continued interest, and really wish that real life would let up for awhile, so I could get back to what I enjoy. Don't judge me to harshly, please! IamtheLizardQueen
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