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hey, I had an old account on this thingy, but it got deleted, along with all 9 of my storys, i know not that much anyway.. buut, good thing i had them all saved, im just going to post new storys now though, none of my old ones, and i cant wait to read other story's i guess lol... oh, but the way, BlaCullPottter, stands for Black-Cullen-Potter.. my favorite boys on the whole planet.. :D i love writting about them, my fav. boooks of all time are of the following...

Harry Potter



Shadow Children series

my fav pairings...








as you can see, i like Slash, lol.. so if you dont like that, well.. i write guy/girl more than guy/guy lol, but i love reading good story's with Slash.. and I. Dont. Like. The. Golden Trio together.. well, let me word that different, i dont like, Hermione/Harry, Ron/Hermione, or Harry/Ron.. if Hermione's going to pick one of her friends, i want her to pick both, no choose, Golden Trio, Together forever.. otherwise, they have to be with other people, and all stay as friends.. Hermione/Harry is just wrong.. sorry to all those people who think otherwise.. if J.K. Rowling thought them to be a magnificent 'Power Couple' then she would have made them like that, but yes, Harry and Hermione are more powerful than the weasleys, but that doesnt mean they should be together, Ron tones down Hermione, AND YES THAT IS A GOOD THING, and the same thing goes with Ginny and Harry, but thats just for the books, i still dont think Ron should be with Hermione, unless Harry is there too.

aand.. so. with that said.. i think i shall stop talking and write some more story's so i dont look like a dweeb who created this just so they could favorite storys.. lol, (i know some people who do that)

anyway... talk to u when u review some of my storys..lol (cause u will, eventually)

M.C.R-The Black Parade

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