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Hey, everyone in the world! Thank you for taking the time to read any of my works...even the ones around 2009 when I was first starting out. I know they are kind of...bad...but I kept them for nostalgic purposes. So if you want to see how I USED to write...we'll, there is three stories right there for you to enjoy! LOL!

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Though I enjoy writing fan fiction very much, I sometimes get a busy schedule that interrupts 'writing time' for me. So this sadly means I will usually update stories every 3 to 4 weeks. BUT, I can gurrantee that if I do find any spelling/typo/grammar mistakes I will correct them before AND after posting.

Finally, I will note that I am a HIGH T fan fiction writer. I do this to give myself a little wiggle room and to ensure I make the characters (Such as the Wolverine. or Deadpool) as closest to their original character portrayal as possible.


Enter The Game - Everyone always claims they would love to enter into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have visions of falling in love, having powers beyond limitation and ultimately living the fairy tale life. Yet, what if you did go in, but not in the place you expected? What if you, the passionate fan, had put your life and the life of your most beloved family member at risk? Its Enter The Game.


- I SINCERELY apologize for my absence in Fanfiction and not updating. I've had a insanely busy summer and part of fall!!!

- I am starting a new series call 'Enter The Game' which is an Avengers Movie Fanfic. I won't give out much details until later but I will let everyone know it will be MUCH darker than APTCH series. I wanting to stretch into the more adult space and this is my first crack at it in a long time. Hope you will all enjoy it!! It will be posted around the same time APTCH will be (maybe).

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