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About Me


After 5 long years of college, I've graduated and now living the dream of working as a hospital MT. With school out of the way, I'm finally getting back to writing again. Currently rewriting my one and only publication (my grasp of english in High School seems abysmal to the me after college. So I HAVE to fix it before I can go on).

I'm in love with Atobe Keigo.

Writing Preferences

I love reading and writing comedies. I have been out of practic for a long while and so my humor may be rusty in places. I haven't actually done anything that promotes proper story writing skills in such a long time that it is rather hard for me to embelish things (lab reports are really dry).


Back in the swing of things, will hopefully get my rewrite done soon, and a new chapter out here by the end of the year.

Current Projects

One True Love

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Rating: M

Universe: Books 1 - 7

Pairing: Hermione/Draco

*Under heavy revision with extension to chapters*

Summery: It is said that true love is the greatest gift of all. But for one woman it is a curse. Literally. Many years ago, 2 bloodline obsessed families made one royal screw up and doomed their decendents to a destiny one would only see in a poorly written soap opera. 'Only with a potion brewed with blood from your one true love will you overcome this curse.'

Future Projects

Just random stuff that I've thought of and have jotted down something for. They maybe publish, but that would be in a distant future.

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