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Hello people!

I am just a girl right out of graduate school and now working. Woo-hoo, I am finally earning money instead of watching it fly out the window for education!

One thing you people on this site may want to know about me: I don’t really have any passion for writing and I am sure I don’t have any talent for it (although I may write little stories or else the plot bunnies I have will strangle me while I sleep. They want to be given life!).

So, why am I here? 1) I love to read fanfics and have gotten to the point where as soon as some of the stories on here get updated, I want to know about it and will drop everything to come here to read. Thus, I wanted to make use of the alerts. 2) Being a beta and/or giving my plot bunnies to someone who can actually write appeals to me.

In order to make up for not really writing much of anything, I will try to make the reviews I leave more than just the usual, “I like it. Please update.” type. Now, here are some stats:


Cats, reading, daydreaming, getting A’s in my classes, RPGs, anime, poker…other stuff


Abandoned storied that I love, my science experiments not working, cleaning, etc. However, the thing I really hate is….(WARNING! MINI-RANT STARTING!)…

Irritating, annoying people who think that just because they don’t like something, that gives them the right to change/eliminate/denounce it or otherwise prevent others from enjoying it. When did it become typical for people to think, “I don’t approve of (insert whatever it is here), thus NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO (insert whatever it is again) EVER AGAIN!!”? Whatever happened to tolerance?


My fandoms:

Star Ocean 3


Animorphs (Tobias/Rachel forever) I’m obsessed with the character of Tobias.

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