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Magic Duo Challenge

I have thought about the stories which are crossovers between Naruto and Harry Potter. And I think this kind of story hasn’t been brought up yet, so I post this challenge as I don’t have the time to write a story myself.

Guidelines for the beginning

- Minato Namikaze is a wizard, Jiraiya knows and helped keeping this a secret in Konoha

- Minato seals Kyubi in Naruto but survives thanks to being able to use magic and chakra, he uses an emergency portkey to St. Mungos where he stays in a coma for six months before going through rehabilitation for another six months

- He can’t go back to Konoha because somebody build a barrier which keeps him out of the elemental nations

- To be able to do something he helps in the war against Voldemort and is soon feared by the death eaters

- Normal story Harry beating Voldemort and going to the Dursleys

- Minato searches for a way to get NarutoNaruto grows up hated in Konoha

- When Naruto is five years old Minato finds a way to get his son back and they move to Little Whinging as Minato wants to raise Naruto in peace

- Naruto befriends Harry at school

- Minato recognizes Harry as he was at Hogwarts at the same time as James and Lily just in another house

- When the Dursleys try to punish Harry for accidental magic, Minato interferes and takes Harry in

- Doing research why Harry is living with muggles he finds out about Sirius and investigates


- Dumbledore and Sarutobi can be good or bad

- Harry and Naruto grow up together, can be in Surrey or somewhere else

- Minato is important for wizarding world, position up to author

- Sirius can just be godfather or adopt Harry

- Pairings for adults should be reasonable (not too much age difference)

- No slash please but all boy - girls pairings imaginable (be creative)

- Try to do as many years at Hogwarts as possible

Have fun, I look forward to reading new stories.

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