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Hella IMA Shakilove I just love anime :)

My Favs r





I also luv pairings

-My fav is SasuSaku (Sasuke and Sakura(Naruto))

-NaruHina(Naruto and Hinata (Naruto again))

-Koga and Kagomae(Inuyasha)

-Inuyasha and Kogomae (Inuyasha)

-Momaru and Usagi(Serena and Darean(Sailor Mooon))

-Songo and Meroku(inuyasha)

-Ichigo and odehima(Bleach)

If I spelt any of these wrong sry I may b good but sometimes IDC or IDK

Above all else i luv my Twilight and i agree wit the pairings all the way Team Vampire even though Jacob is hot and I admit Hotter Than Edward but evey one is all over him and i dont agree I love Edward and my pic is of Bella and Renesmee she's so cute but my Twilight goes over everything.

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