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Hi, I'm 22 and I live in southern Mississippi. (United States of America) I have one older brother, and one younger sister. We get along just like most siblings, only more violently.

My best friend is Simone17, she's a writer here, on . She's awesome, and very talented. You should look her up. The first chapter of her story, "The Only Thing Certain" received 224 hits mere hours after she posted it. It's beautiful. anyone who's a fan of vampires, well written stories, or talented writers, should check her out.

Writing is a hobby, along with gaming, painting, and reading. I'm a tad more obsessive about writing, than anything else, so my stories should be completed, eventually.

You can view my site here: /ameliajordan

I've changed my Pen Name to Amelia Jordan (3-3-13)

This is part of an authors note I left on my story "The Silent Mind". It was just too good to delete later, so I'm posting it here.

I chose “Chronic Hysteria x2” as my new Pen-name because it is a near perfect way to describe my friend, Simone17, and I. Or, rather, the way we behave together. Take two hyper active, smartassed girls, and then dose them up on sugar and caffeine, and you get 'us'.

Two girls who are crazy and cannot be understood by anyone who isn't as intellectually gifted as we are. Two girls who plot to take over the world, or run away to live in a beautiful house, that we don't own. Two girls who drive around for an hour following a strange guy, as he goes about his daily life, because he is really, really hot.

Yes, I am aware that stalking is illegal but if you lived in the same town we do, you wouldn't judge us! Our town, if you can call it that, is tiny. Really tiny and, for whatever reason, the men here are... What's a good way to phrase this? Oh, hell. They're dogs, okay? They are so not dating material, better for the gene pool to sterilize them, kind of dogs. This is the only fun any woman, who isn't a total slut, get's to have with men around here.

Okay, I'm forcing myself to shut up now, I'm going to be in enough trouble as it is.

My mother: In the event of a Zombie attack... (This came about watching Scare Tactics, basically all you need to know is that the victim got out of a car to try and help a guy getting eaten by zombies.)

I hate to tell you, I wouldn't get out of that car for nobody. Not unless it was on of you guys (her family). I'd haul ass in the other direction and hope the guy they were eating was fat enough to keep them occupied for awhile.

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