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Kawairashii.Kyo PM
Joined Nov '09

My BFFLATD/Brother/Lover: ToRi (aka) squirrelmaster

I am 18.
I am Me.
Not emo/goth.
I may like the styles but i put them together to make me.
I'm shy but outgoing. (weird lol)
I LOVE Anime and Manga.
I LOVE J-rock/j-pop music.
If you like me YAYE! =D if you don't T_T
Get to know me before you judge me.
Of course that is hard to do over the internet.
I'm really nice, people just look at me and say I'm mean or a bitch.
I'm not i can be though.
So don't judge me but love me
I'm awesome.
I love to make friends with awesome people.
Feel free to add me I won't turn you down.
I don't care if people say the Harry Potter movies suck i love them and I've been waiting for a long time for The Half-Blood Prince to come out and i can't wait to see it. So i saw that now i can't wait For 7!
Tom Felton is Delicious!! (Draco Malfoy) YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!
Oh and i do write stories i just won't put them out ;;
I mean i did once on quizilla but i took it off to re-write it and i also have a Vampire story and a Devil May Cry Short story that is ehh.. it's still on quizilla, My UN is MyBloodiValentine.
I am a Slytherin.

I CANNOT WAIT TIL DECEMBER 8TH!! Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince comes out on blu-ray!

I'll add more later/edit.

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