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Final Fantasy XIII and Fate/Stay Night Crossover Challenge

Snow Villiers is the reincarnation of Shirou Emiya, but his memories and powers do not awaken until

he is turned into a L'cie. Snow is the determined hero who wants to save everybody but mostly Serah,

his love. For this reason the Shirou part of Snow should be from the Heaven's Feel route where he

throws away his ideals to save Sakura. Lightning is kind of like a mixture of Saber and Rin.

She's a stoic hero with awesome sword skills but has doubts all the way about how she failed in

her responsibility to protect Serah (or Britain for Saber), like Saber. She is violent toward Snow

when she thinks he's being an idiot and her sister is his love interest, like Rin.

The original idea for this challenge was that Rule Breaker could remove the L'cie brand without taking the powers with it,

and the fate of turning into either a Cie'th or a Crystal vanishes with the L'cie brand's removal. I would suggest that Saber be Snow's eidolon,

but their gestalt mode would be difficult. Instead of Saber transforming into some type of mount for Snow to ride, I suggest that they merge into

one being like the The Fate/Prototype Saber (male Arthur Pendragon). ProtoSaber's Excalibur Proto is EX ranked as opposed to Saber's A ranked

Excalibur so its a good upgrade. Excalibur Proto overpowers ProtoGilgamesh's Enki, which is EX ranked and as powerful as Ea.

A Libra during Snow and saber's Gestalt battle could reveal that Saber "yields to those who show personal history"

(either Shirou's or Saber's weapons) and "yields to those who show Reality Marbles". Maybe an OMAKE could show Snow turning into a Cie'th,

but his Cie'th form is Shirou's Made of Blades form from when Archer's arm and Reality Marble overran his body. The funny part is that this

Cie'th would succeed at rescuing Serah like Shirou rescued Sakura while his body, mind, and soul were dying.

This being Shirou, he might get together with Lightning and Saber as well as Serah.

Digimon Data Squad/One Punch Man Crossover Challenge

We know that Marcus Damon has to punch the enemy digimon before Agumon can Digivolve.

What would happen if he had the powers of One Punch Man?

Marcus would immediately defeat any digimon he punches, but then who would Agumon digivolve to fight?

Poor Agumon, he may never get to Digivolve at this rate.

Digimon Tamers and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Crossover Challenge

The Class Cards fall into the hands of the Digidestined and are mistaken for rare Digimodify Cards.

Now Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon can gain the powers of heroic spirits.

I really want Renamon to get a Caster Tamano no Mae card.

Foxgirl Digimon plus foxgirl heroic spirit is a foxy combination.

TYPE-MOON/Sailor Moon Crossover Challenge

The Sailor Senshi are the incarnations of the Aristoteles (TYPEs).

Similarly to how TYPE-VENUS later incarnated as a blonde

woman with wings, the TYPEs incarnated into a human form.

Unfortunately, this resulted in their memories being temporarily

sealed off, but they are slowly coming back (like Silver Millennium

memories). This is an AU of Angel Notes where instead of Gaia dying and sending

out a cry for revenge against humanity, Gaia is invaded by the Negaverse and calls

for help from the other planets. The Youma invading from the Negaverse are an

alien existence and no one other than wielders of True Magic can affect

them. The TYPEs (now Senshi) are also an alien existence so are able to kill the

Youma. Gaia and the other planets were worried that the mere presence of the TYPEs

would do as much harm as the Youma themselves thanks to the TYPEs alien existence

rewriting the reality around them. So the TYPEs were incarnated as embryos into

the wombs of specifically chosen women across Tokyo, the center of the Negaverse

incursion. The embryonic incarnation of the TYPEs used the natural process of

birth to cause the world to regard the TYPEs' presence as natural and vice-versa,

so there would be no conflict with their presence in the world.

Maybe the Moon Castle could be Millennium Castle Brunestud. I am not sure what to

make of Arcueid Brunestud. Maybe she could be the Senshi of Earth or a replacement

for Mamoru. The TYPE-MOON wiki calls Arcueid ARCHETYPE-EARTH, so I suppose

something Earth related if you want to include her in the story.

This story was intended to answer the question of how to make Sailor Moon cooler.

My answer was to import it into the TYPE-MOON universe. I have to say that most of

my knowledge of these two worlds comes from fanfiction (mostly Ranma crossovers

for Sailor Moon). I did watch the subbed versions of the Unlimited Blade Works

movie and Carnival Phantasm recently though. Anything else I know is from various


Harry Potter Challenge

Wormtail is innocent of betraying the Potters. Well, not really innocent but he really didn't mean to cause their

deaths. Voldemort captured him and (through a combination of strong compulsion charms, crutiatus curses, and

unnamed dark curses) forcibly took the secret of where the Potters were hiding. Peter thought that Sirius set him up

to be captured by telling Voldemort that Peter was the secret keeper, so Peter accused Sirius of betraying the

Potters. To see to it that Sirius got thrown into Azkaban Peter faked his own murder at the hands of Sirius. Peter

killed the 12 muggles because he was already half-insane from overexposure to the crutiatus curse and he just

didn't really care anymore. Peter stayed as a rat for 12 years because he thought he deserved it for cracking and

telling Voldemort the Potters' location, and he wanted Sirius to rot in Azkaban for selling him out. In truth

Dumbledore read Peter's mind and sold him out through his spy, Snape. Thus everyone thought Sirius was guilty,

including Peter. Sirius thought Peter was guilty, and Dumbledore screwed everyone over.

Sailor Moon Challenge

Hotaru learns about Greek and Roman mythology at school and thinks that it is actually a record of their lives in

the Silver Millennium. Sailor Saturn wonders why Sailor Uranus and Neptune are her parents instead of Uranus and

Earth. She also thinks that Sailors Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto should respect her for being their parent. Sailor Moon

should be her niece. Mercury should respect Jupiter as a parent and Saturn as a grandparent. Venus should be

Saturn's half sister and Uranus' daughter after Saturn castrated Uranus. Saturn is crying because she "must have

castrated Uranus and turned him into a girl". Mamoru (Gaia) should be her mother and grandmother and thus

female. Mamoru should also be the mother and wife of Sailor Uranus. Mars should be her granddaughter. Saturn

thinks that "our relationships are all wrong!" If you do do a Ranma 1/2 crossover, Ranma could be Chaos, the father

of Mamoru (Gaia).

Naruto/Clifford the Big Red Dog Crossover Challenge

Clifford is the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Can't you see the resemblance?

Ranma/DC Comics Crossover Challenge

Ryoga Hibiki finds a boom tube (and maybe a mother box too) and now he is getting lost all over the multiverse.

Chronicles of Narnia and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim crossover

Instead of going to Narnia through the wall of experiment house, Eustace and Jill go to Skyrim and Eustace is the Dragonborn.

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