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hello, i'm thatguy3331 who also has a Deviant art account(I never use youtube for anything yet so its pointless to keep that up)


Or something like that.

So yeah... Beginning of 2014 didn't happen. As much as I hate sounding like the boy who cried wolf I AM finalizing things but at this point I'm going to give up trying to make an official date and just do whatever. Why? Cause College that's why. What I said regarding OC's however still stands:

Speaking in general terms for a moment, we submit OC's to each other stories because, for the most part, it's fun. I can certainly say I've enjoyed certain portrayals of Josh and Jyan down the line I've been on this site. However this also means that with each OC you have to account them into the overarching story integrating the plot lines that they will bring with them in order to develop them properly. That doesn't sound like much but I think most of you could sort of tell that I did make my own cast for the most part, especially with Jyan's allies via my own OC's so juggling everyone can got pretty hectic when I sat down to think about things seriously being one of the little reasons I decided to start from scratch. With this new change there will be a few changes in order to make this less of an issue, HOWEVER I'm going to lay down this ground rule right now: ONLY A MAXIMUM OF 4 OC'S PER PERSON. PERIOD. Over the years I've been pretty lenient about this because I can see the care a lot of you submitters put into your character and I want to make sure I make the best of them, however, I cannot house your entire cast for your own story. I have my own story to tell. That being said please don't wine to me about your character not showing up (nice little jabs will do fine as I do them myself) if you submitted a pair and I approve they will show up in accordance to how I write the story.

Til next time, Later!

P.S. for those of you who submitted OC's I'm currently taking up artist requests! send me a PM or Note or DA for more info!

A bit about self:

likes: anime, manga, art related stuff, video games, basket ball

dislikes: school, cold weather and other stuff

favorite anime/Manga: Hunter x Hunter, FMA, Gash Bell, One Piece, Index series, anything by Satoshi Mizukami and etc...

Aside from writing stories I plan to become a cartoonist, and as such, take story creating and art seriously. However that doesn't stop me from joking around!

Some character summaries:

JYAN/ THE BLUE AURA(in purgatory for the time being):

Jyan: 8 year old smart mouth, 4th wall breaking mamodo. Takes nothing seriously and can be considered as a 'little bastard' at times. despite this, there's a kind hearted person hiding within...somewhere...

Josh Luther: 14 year old boy who loves peace and quiet, but after meeting Jyan his normal life has disappeared. He's a average guy, though is very observant and cynical, begrudgingly fights along side Jyan.

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