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Dear all.

I do wonder how many people will actually read this, considering that this account has been dead for so long. I'm sorry, but all incomplete fics will remain that way; it's really hard to continue writing a story after a two-year break. And yeah, it's all because of school. Been too busy to even read fanfiction, cuz of projects, exams and concerts. These two years have been sheer madness. Maybe I'll revive this account, maybe I won't. I'm not sure about that. But I think I'll continue writing. I'm having a really long break now, prolly will start school again in August or so (depends on the school I get into) and I hope to make the best of this time, so I guess there's hope yet. But I think I'll stick to writing oneshots. I can't seem to commit to multichaptered fics cuz they all seem to get abandoned halfway through for lack of time ;;

Here's my creative journal (art and fic): http:// , if anyone's interested



8 Jan 2007

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