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Wahhh!!! Its has a whole century since I've updated my profile!(mentally curses herself)

Sorry guys, I've been busy (aren't I always).

Anyway, I'm really sorry for not updating Mishima High (bows in despair).

I promise I'm working on chapter 9 already almost done.

It's because I working on a novel(you heard me, a novel) together with my classmate (smudgefudge 20) (Look her up, she writes for Twilight and Percy Jackson) for our former advicer.

We love her totally, she's a part of the "barkada" (slang filipino term for group of friends).

Were currently half way there since my classmate's computer had to be reformatted and lost about two imporatant chapters. What's more, she only typed the chapters, not wrote it. So we lost two very valuable chapters(sigh)

I somehow lost some of my interest in Tekken (please don't kill me) I dont know how but the Hwoarlili fics died out but nevertheless I thank Light breaks Dawn for granting me back the inspiration to continue Mishima High. To all the others there, thanks for reviewing! (a million thanks).

Yipee! I'm back, back back, Oh yes I'm BACK! (does goofy dance) Tekken won't be the only fandom I'll be writing about now. I'll also write about:

Yamato Nadeshiko, my sister decided to dig out our old Dvd and watch it again. I was simply captivated by Kyouhei (again). They're all so handsome (squeals)!

Teen Titans, I know its audience are kids but I simply can't ignore the chemistry between Robin and Starfire! (Robstar 4 eva!XD)

Star Ocean Second Evolution, my cousin was playing it so I tried it out and fell in love with the fighting system and of course the potential couple Claude and Rena. The ending I got was awesome, I nearly screamed like a little girl when I heard what Rena said (Clueless Claude).

Final Fantasy VII, My mom bought me Crisis Core. I havent finished it yet so I wont be writing stories until I get the whole thing straight. It was hard to think that the all powerful Cloud was also once just an infantryman. Even Hollander can beat him during the part where Genesis and Zack first fought. XD! Guess what, I found Final Fantasy VII in PSP! I never thought you could convert it to PSP! I was like totally freaking out in the middle of the mall! I was so happy that I was hugging my sister (even though she's not the most fun sister you could be with) and jumping all over the place (not kidding)

I know you wouldn't want me to rant all about how hot Zack Fair is, or how charming Cloud Strife can be, or how perfect Aerith Gainsborough is so I'll skip that coz this profile will go on eternally. XD

So, I'm done with Crisis Core and I'm on to another one. Code Geass: and the couple there: Suzaku Kururugi and Euphemia Li Brittania!! I can't find an english version of this. I even tried learning Japanese and I swear, you can't learn it overnight, unless your Cloud Strife or Zack Fair or any other pixel made character. But don't worry there's gonna be a Final Fantasy Story coming up.

I know how much am addicted to nonsense stuff but I feel like my life's incomplete without being addicted to something like series, movies, books, videogames or guys made with graphics. I'm sorry but live with it!

Sorry for the late updates and stuff but I'm really busy from school and I can't find enough time to write anymore. Really sorry guys.

There that's all! THousand thanks to the readers out there, I swear, I will be here more often and continue the fics. ILY! (imaginary hugs) :D

Now Playing: Aerith's theme in the Final Fantasy VII OST. The music made me cry! I'll never get tired of instrumental music. XD

-eLla a.k.a xilovme2muchx

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