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PSA: Okayyyyyyyyyyy, sheesh. I'll see about writing Chronicles of the Chosen One again. *Eye roll

Introductions are in order!


My username is Nateman364, which you already know. My name is Nathan(aka Nate) and I'm 30 years old. I live in South Carolina and my passion is gaming, writing stories, the Outdoors, and Prepping. Animals are also a interest of mine.

I'm into a lot of things. Like: Gaming, watching old cartoons, cars, paintball, hunting, fishing, camping, being in the outdoors(not really athletic even though I'm strong as an ox according to my friends.), and writing. Listening to music is also on this list.

Content section:

Obviously I have a Fanfiction. This one.

Youtube: Nateman364 (I've had it for a while, and occasionally I'll do a walkthrough. I'm just getting started on that though.) I've got the software to make and edit videos, but it's finding time and motivation to do so is what I'm really lacking lol.

Discord: I may or may not disclose this information. I use it to keep my thoughts together and post pictures on my stories to help better visualize descriptions. I do character profiles on there and everything.

Story section-

A Season of Dragons and War- A series of planned stories that I may or may not get to. It's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but AU and inspired by mods. Each story is about a certain race from the original 10 to the Maomer, Snow Elves(Untainted Falmer), Dwemer, and Lilmothliit. The Dragonborn has been slightly repurposed, and has Nord likeness. Each story is interconnected with another, offering various Points of View as they interact with each other or how one in a story impacts the world and others in another story.

A Breath of Gods - Dragonborn(M) (Nord Likeness)

A Master of the Arcane - Breton(M)

A Son of Skyrim - Nord(M)

A Fury of Arms - Redguard(F)

A Tale of Black Scales - Argonian(M)

A Broker of Coin - Khajiit(F)

A Key of Thieves and Shadows - Imperial(F)

A Wayward Coven - High Elf(F)

A Master of Bows and Beasts - Wood Elf/Bosmer(M)

A Practitioner of Blood and Stealth - Dark Elf/Dunmer(M)

A Warrior of Hammers and Earth - Orc/Orismer(M)

A Marvel of Metal and Time - Dwarf/Dwemer(M)

A Kingdom of Frost and Light - Snow Elf/Falmer(F)

An Odyssey of Storm and Seas - Sea Elf/Maomer(F)

A lost Tribe of Nomads - Lilmothliit(M)

Gaming section - Games I consistently play or most likely to play. Usually it's going to be an Open World Survival, survival horror, or FPS.

1. Ark: Survival Evolved

2. Rainbow Six Siege (Any Tom Clancy Game if I find it interesting)(Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, R6:S)

3. Call of Duty series

4. Fallout series

5. Elder Scrolls series

6. Halo series

7. Elite Dangerous

8. Star Wars Battlefront series (Classic and EA), Jedi Fallen Order, Force Unleashed


10. Dead Island, Dying Light 1&2, Day's Gone, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, or similar zombie games

11. Zoo Tycoon, Planet Zoo, Jurassic World Evolution & 2 (Any Zoo simulations)

12. Pokemon(I don't really get to play them anymore, but Gen1 thru Gen 4 I remember fondly)

13. Witcher

14. Assassins Creed

15. Dishonored

16. Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey

Favored Franchises (In no particular order) -

1. Jurassic Park/World

2. Marvel Cinematic Universe

3. Harry Potter (Wizarding world as well)

4. How to Train Your Dragon

5. Star Wars

6. Naruto

7. One Piece (New to this, even though it came out a long time ago)

8. Supernatural

9. Walking Dead (More of a fan of the original series, the others are meh)

10. Lucifer

11. Arrow-verse

12. Sons of Anarchy

13. Breaking Bad

14. Pokemon

15. X-men

16. Game of Thrones

17. Witcher

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