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Really love Hermione from HP, Chloe from Smallville, Sakura from Naruto, and Willow & Xander from BtVS. Can't help it that I love stories where the 'sidekicks' get to kick butt and take names!

Don't really mind the pairing as long as the story is written well. Sure, there are times where, admittedly, I have my weak moments and go for the fluffy and unbelievable.

My defense: it's FanFiction!!

To all you wonderful writers: Thanks!

Side Note: New Avatar by neonanything. The homepage is full of wonderful pics over at neonanything.tumblr.

And YES I am a KakaSaku shipper as my OTP in Naruto.

Ahem... I ignore chapter 700 and live in a world where Sakura becomes head medic while Kakashi is the Rokudaime and they are both raising Sarada - Karin and Sasuke's kid since Karin died in childbirth and Sasuke is a wandering ninja. Yeah, something like that...

Just found this on another author's page and had to put it here because I always seem to smile when I read it :)

Who's there?
You know.
You know who?
Avada Kadavra!!

(sorry... but not really sorry...)

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I, LeonaMasha, do solemnly swear to review every fic I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or any other ploy.

I have joined and signed my name onto the Review Revolution.

Post this same thing in your profile and spread the love!

Mischief Managed.

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