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Welcome to the joint profile for Jazzvamp90 and Ziomy AKA: 2Evil-Pixies

Well, what can we say? We love each others stories so much we just HAD TO get together and collaborate. Our first fanfic is named "Quiet Fire" and if we do say so ourselves it's pretty badass. It different than what either of us have written in the past, but we love it and we hope all of you do as well. Feel free to check out our individual stories which we have added to 2Evil-Pixies' favorite stories list. Our individual author links have also been posted on our Fave authors list.

We absolutely love getting feedback so feel free to write reviews on EVERY chapter :)

It really is great to hear what you have to say and what you liked the most about it. We will try to update every day or every other day. We both have other Fic's in process so bare with us if we veer from that time line.

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for future fics let us know. You just never know if we might decide to work on more stories once this one is complete.

So, other than that, grab a drink, get comfy and enjoy the ride!

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