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Welcome to my fanfiction page. I Plan on posting often again relatively soon, hopefully within the first few months of 2019. I hope you find my stories to be enjoyable, if not very good _

I also do original work, though I haven't posted anything worthwhile in some time on my fictionpress account. But if you're interested in seeing some older stuff (it's real bad) I'm Bryman over there.

Projects in the works:

Code Lyoko: Alliance

Jeremie Belpois is a model student and stalwart friend. So when he enters an unlikely alliance with Xana and begins to change, his friends are quick to notice. With a common enemy in Green Phoenix, and Aelita's mother located, Jeremie plunges headfirst into his work. And it begins to unravel him at the very core.

Ch. 1 - Rough Draft

Ch. 2 - Rough Draft

Kingdom Hearts: Not so Dirty Dancing

Roxas receives a free month of ballroom dance lessons from his aunt for Christmas. His mother, hired by the studio to handle competition management, pushes him to go despite his trepidation. There, he meets Riku, Sora, and Kairi; Three students at competition level. He also meets Xion, a beautiful girl who's partner left to study abroad. The two are paired up. He begins to think ballroom lessons aren't so bad after all.

Roxas/Xion pov flips

Ch.1 - In Progress

To-Do list -

Revue Starlight/Pokemon crossover

Code Lyoko short fluff pieces

Recently Posted:

Afternoon Training

Some time after Sora's disappearance, the wielders are training under Aqua.

Light Roxas/Xion Romantic implication.

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